Monday, August 31, 2009

when the levee breaks

so...the lesson we learned from this is not to leave a 12 pack of sprite in your car during the month of august. front passenger seat was soaked...almost all of the cans were either empty or just about to bust...and this one busted through the cardboard box and exploded all over the floor! i'm just glad i wasn't actually in the car when it happened. but it was a very weird sight to see when i got in my car after work last wednesday!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

black light

my mom colored my hair this afternoon. i have been using natural dark golden brown and eventually it always turns red. so, this time i tried natural dark brown...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

can't sleep at night

i promise i'll be back...right now i'm working at school all day...coming home and crashing. then i stay awake half the night thinking of everything i still need to do. i am worn out and the kids don't even show up until monday!

Monday, August 10, 2009


i've been working on my new classroom. it's almost finished so here...take a look...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

inquiring minds want to know

so, i guess two weeks is bean's limit on waiting for a new post from me. i was gone for a week in mission arlington. we got home friday afternoon and i've been pretty much sleeping and working in my new classroom since then. i did have time for a really easy and cheap project. i found this metal pear basket on clearance at hobby lobby. it was originally $11.99 but i got it for $1.49! i didn't like the middle, so my mom suggested scrapbook paper. since i have a serious paper addiction, i didn't have to buy new paper. i just found some that matched my kitchen colors. traced the bottom of the basket, cut out the paper, and modpodged it. i didn't want it to look too perfect, so i did the top layer before the bottom coat was dry so it would wrinkle a bit. now it's looking cute on a shelf in my kitchen.

i also got this really cool rug for our bathroom. i guess you can still call it a rug. it's made out of river rocks. yes, that's our bathroom...with carpet. i don't know why they put carpet in the bathroom, i guess so my grandma would throw a fit when she saw it! but, the toilet and the shower are actually in a separate "room" in the bathroom and it doesn't have carpet. it's just with the sinks and the tub. we rarely use the tub, so it's not really a problem. i've got to go get ready to go work in my classroom...again. i am going to do a post about mission arlington, but it will have to wait. i want to get my room done this week so that i can at least take friday and tuesday off. my summer is pretty much over. i have a meeting at school monday and wednesday. new teacher orientation is next thursday and friday...and then inservice starts the 17th and that's it. eek!