Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's not even April an I already have a tanline on my feet from wearing my Toms! Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and it's supposed to get up to 87! Not looking forward to the heat this summer! We had STAAR writing this week. Not worried about it, but sitting there two days in a row making sure my kids are absolutely silent for four hours straight is nerve-wracking! This coming week may be interesting. Our whole grade is supposed to be reading the same book at the same time. As best as I remember, there was not much discussion or input on what books we were getting. I was not too happy when a whole set of the ghost of fossil glen was dumped in my room. I don't believe in ghosts, don't read or watch scary stuff, and definitely don't want to teach it in my class. Put them in the cabinet and forgot about them for a few weeks. This week we were told it's on the plans for next week. I got the book out and read it...NOT gonna happen in my classroom! My son is only 16 months old right now, but if he ever came home talking about a book like this before high school, I'd be upset. My mom said if my class had been given this book to read when I was a kid, she'd have been at the school...which was very rare! I will not be responsible for letting a bunch of 9-10 year olds read a book about, not only a ghost, but a little girl close to their age being murdered by her mom's boyfriend and then coming back as a ghost and killing the boyfriend! I don't think so! So, my class is going to be reading stories from the literature book. We have only used it twice this whole year, anyway. I'm sure someone will have something to say, probably a few someones and a lot of something, but whatever. I'm used to taking a stand when not many other people will. I've always seen pretty much everything as black and white. This book is just wrong for the classroom. Ok, now...I should be shopping, but we are trying to spend the day together, all three of us. But, Scout decided to show he in control and went down for a nap at 10:30! So, now I wait! Oh well, shopping and eating with him is a lot of fun, especially when he's had a good nap!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hello, goodbye

Greetings, from Jefferson, Texas!  We took Scout to Jefferson yesterday.  Ate some good cornbread sandwiches, did a little shopping, got Scout a coonskin hat!  Mostly, just got out of the house and enjoyed the day.  It's crazy how many times I hear how cute he is and how happy and well-behaved he is anytime we take him out.  The awesome shirt he has on was a gift from my friend, Jimmy.  I think it's the third Beatles shirt Scout has had!  Gotta make sure he shows off his good taste in every size!  Can't wait til he gets just a little bigger and can wear the Bob Marley shirt that's waiting in his closet.  That will probably get some comments, but Scout loves reggae music and used to dance in his high chair whenever I played "I Shot the Sheriff!"  He pretty much loves any kind of music.  He dances at church, he likes his Sesame Street cd, he usually likes whatever is on in the car or any store, just gotta keep him away from Jucy's...don't want him exposed to too much country, it may ruin his good taste!

Friday, March 9, 2012


well, it would be peaceful if i could stop sneezing and k-dogg would quit coughing.  he's had a cough about 3 weeks now.  i felt sorry for him until he refused to go to the doctor and keeps me awake night after night coughing.  all pity is gone and had been replaced with slight annoyance.  anyway, we got off work early today for spring break.  i went to get scout from gram's house, he was confused as to why i was there so early!  brought him home and he went straight to bed.  he's going back tonight for a sleepover.  we have been hearing all week that it was supposed to start raining yesterday and not stop til sunday or monday.  it started last night, then it stopped.  it hasn't rained here all day!  but, it's cold again and wet...not good vacation weather.  pretty common for spring break around here, though.  i'm using scout's naptime to edit pictures before i order them and update my phone...exciting stuff!  we don't have much planned for this break.  and that's exactly how i plan to keep it!