Saturday, May 31, 2008


last one for non-color related updates...i'm on summer vacation and k-dogg isn't! ha ha! he will be in a few weeks, though. i'm going to the big dance recital tonight. yippee! k-dogg is going to a bachelor party for the guy that was the best man in our wedding. his bachelor party was at the coffeehouse where we met and they watched tv and ate crackers. i think this one will be significantly wilder and more scandalous. i just hope i don't get drunk dialed in the middle of the night by k-dogg and his friends. that's not nice! now, i bring you...ORANGE!
banjo super kitty banjowsky!

hook 'em!
my croton plant
the best shoe orange!

my school spirit candle and it smells good, too

k-dogg bought me this one year for valentine's day...banjo loves to chew on his whiskers
dollar store knock-off dial soap
a picture in my bedroom
i planted 30 marigolds...i think i have about 6 left!

it's not easy being green...

i've been busy today!
k-dogg's toothbrush
the jade plant we've had for 5 years now!
peace, man!
green lemon plate
blanket cutters
happy cutting board
the first blanket i made
protector and keeper of the kitchen
Christmas decor that we leave out all year!
i know i used a picture of this in my blue, but i like this one because it's reflecting the green grass! and since i was new to the whole slide show thing, i forgot to put some of my blue pictures in here they are.


so, i've gotten behind in the color challenge with my today, i took pictures for blue, green, and orange. here's the blue...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

have you ever seen the rain

no colors today, i gotta catch up, i don't have much blue around here. anyway, today was our fun day at the park. our regular park was already full, so we went to the park close to my church. it was pretty fun...only 1 fight and just a few injuries. then it started sprinkling...then it started raining harder. by the time i ran to the bus, it was pouring! it was hailing while we were driving back to the school and lightning was everywhere. and of course, i was the only teacher on my bus. not that my bus wasn't full...there were kids from 4 different classes, they were sitting 3 to a seat, but somehow, the teacher that rode over there with me didn't have enough sense to get back on the same bus. after school i got my hair cut and made plans to go back to the salon next week. we'll see how that turns out. you really have to trust your stylist to tell her that she can color your hair however she wants! tomorrow is our awards assembly and i don't think i have to do anything on stage, so that's good. then thursday is the last day with students!

Friday, May 23, 2008

i see red

so, today's color is red. but, before we get to was my last friday with kids at work! then, i came home and slept from 3:45-6! tired much? this weekend is memorial day weekend. i understand the purpose of this holiday...what i don't get is why we have memorial day, armed forces day, and veterans' day. and don't even mention flag day. could we not accomplish all of this on fourth of july? just a thought. anyway...on to the red!

after my yellow post, my mom said between big bird and the care bear, i'm definitely a child of the eighties. well, today i have mr. t (even though he's not part of the red) and strawberry shortcake!
two red things that help me breathe, my peak flow meter and the red light that tells me my air purifier is on!
this is a hard's a red candle.
the clock in my laundry room, i just turned my camera to make it a wee bit more interesting
i didn't realize i had so much red in my closet...this isn't even half of it!

part of the elephant "thing" that hangs in my bedroom window!
the best crackers ever!
the school district k-dogg works for is red, black, and white...gotta have the red polos!
just happened to have this in my laundry room...
my coke can with the russian logo. part of the series for the olympics

my red shoes i always wear...and the red shoes i've never worn...that's why they still have elastic strings on them!
my kitchen is yellow, red, and this is kinda easy so far.
i looked outside, but i didn't see much red. considering my favorite colors are black, gray, and brown, i was surprised i had so much red in my house! my mom's right, when you go searching for a specific color, you notice little, simple things much more!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

mellow yellow

my mom challenged me to a color here's my yellow! ( I didn't go outside, I think I took enough shots inside the house.)

Monday, May 19, 2008

happy birthday

yea! it's my birthday! i got to open my present from bean this morning. she sent me an amazon gift card that i got yesterday, but i had to wait until today to open what she sent in the mail. she made me a cd. most of the songs were from when i used to take her and her friend to the mall or when we used to go to all the local shows at the two coffeehouse hangouts. but, she also put some nkotb and a song by hawk nelson that i haven't heard before. the hawk nelson song is on there because it's called california. she also put texas flood on there, it is an awesome cd. my parents gave me a james avery charm i've wanted for a long time.

and my dad got me a robert randolph cd. if you haven't heard him, look him up! k-dogg and banjo got me an old navy gift card! that was totally unexpected, k-dogg almost always gets me a dvd or a cd. i got lots of cards and some gifts at school. the best present was probably that my mom made my favorite dinner and sent it home with me for k-dogg and i to eat WITH a sock-it-to-me cake! my favorite cake is lemon pound cake, but sock-it-to-me is a close you get it already made...even better! now i have to go watch the big bang theory...funniest new show this year, but i only heard about it a few months ago. tomorrow is math fun day and it's supposed to be 93 fun.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

every rose has it's thorn

i've been busy the past few days. we had our 3rd baby shower in a month at work on thursday. so, i made this...

i've made three of these recently and every single time, someone says they didn't know i could do that or that i could be crafty. my coworkers really don't have a clue! some people are just really impressed, which is nice, because i really like making these blankets and they look good, but they aren't that hard to make. last night k-dogg and i went out to eat for my birthday even though it isn't until monday. i got a present in the mail from bean, but she wrote on the envelope that i can't open it until my birthday, so k-dogg hid it from me! today i got a lot done around the house. you'd think since my mom cleans our house for us every friday that there wouldn't be much for me to do, but i always have a lot of laundry to do and usually new clothes or treasures to find homes for. this afternoon, my mom and i went to some of our favorite, kohl's, and hobby lobby! and lunch at chick-fil-a! i got a new dress and shoes to wear to the three upcoming weddings i'm atttending. i got some more craft stuff. and i got a really good deal on a cute gray sweatshirt skirt! this evening i went outside and played with my hydrangea is starting to bloom!
i like playing with the color accent option on my camera...and i like my japanese red maple
banjo came outside to find me...we had a rough week and are both glad he's back home.
this picture is weird...the big rose almost looks like it is melting. anyway, we only have 8 days of school left. i'll only be there for 6 of those. and one day i'm leaving early to see one of my cool kids graduate from mothers' day out!