Tuesday, September 30, 2008

all that glitters

ok, i tried a new crafty project. i stole the idea from graceviolet.com her blog is over there on the side of mine, so you should go visit her. anyway...

these are the birds i used. i got them at michael's. they kinda look dead here...

so here's a close-up so it doesn't look too morbid!

i covered it with martha stewart glittering glue...which is kinda misleading because the glue doesn't glitter!
then i covered them with martha stewart glitter. i did these with the three colors in the woodlands collection. i thought they looked autumnish, they match my living room, and i thought it was funny that i was using them for woodland creatures!

now they are hanging above my head on my ceiling fan drying. i got glitter all over the floor, but what's the point of a craft room if it doesn't get glitter on the floor? i'll post more pictures when they are dry and in the living room. gotta go find something to eat!

dirt off your shoulder

i am so ready for this week to be over and it's only tuesday evening. my doctor said one time that i carry all of my stress in my shoulders. my shoulders are killing me! i don't like being stressed out because then i take it out on my kids, which isn't really fair, even though some of them deserve it. i can't wait until friday. i'm going to see my cousin cheer again, but this time i'm going with one of my friends because her daughter is going to watch one of the boys play. then saturday i get to go to canton! yea! i hope it's not too hot, but even if it is...it should still be fun. i can't really talk about what's got me stressed because it's a work thing and this is a public blog, but i'll shake it soon. i will say that being department chair isn't worth what i get paid for it. that's all i'm going to say now, i've got some birds to try to glitter!

Friday, September 26, 2008

feeling good

yesterday was better. today is even better so far. we get out of school at 1:30 again! woohoo! they need the buses for the high school team to get to their game tonight. too bad i have to go pay k-dogg's car registration and get his oil changed. but then, i'm off to hobby lobby and wherever else i can fit in before i go see my cousin cheer and my church kids play football. too bad they're on opposing teams!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i'm torn down

i should have stayed in bed today. or better yet, gone shopping. or even better, gone to see bean. i need to get off the computer and take out my aggression on dinner or cleaning or crafting. accidentally running over packages in my driveway wasn't enough!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Bird

i know i already posted right before the game...but when i was leaving, i got the coolest picture above my garage. oh yeah, we lost...but only by 4 points and the team that beat us is state-ranked!

country grammar

it's almost fall! tonight is homecoming. tomorrow is the annual arts and crafts festival. we're the only school i know of that gets out early for homecoming! it's great, i got to come home and eat a snack from sonic and take a long nap. now i'm getting ready to go to the game. i hope we win, but we're playing a very good team. this is when i'm glad i still live in my hometown and that that town isn't a big city! my house is clean and smells good, i finally feel better, my students are actually behaving pretty well. i'm going to trades days in canton in two weeks...life is pretty good!

Monday, September 15, 2008


so, here's some of the damage from the "inland tropical storm." besides these pictures, i saw a traffic light turned at a 45 degree angle, a lot of limbs, and a dangling street light. it was wild.

this was the biggest tree i saw uprooted. i drove by it 4 times to get pictures!
some of the electric people out working and the leaning street sign
an old furniture store. i went inside today...it was scary!

aren't traffic lights supposed to light up?

a big pecan tree on the road to my school (bean, it's by keep happy)

lean with it, rock with it!
close-by trees the morning of the storm

it's kinda hard to see, but some new trees didn't last long!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

texas flood

we made it. only 4 hours without electricity. unfortunately, the cable and internet were out for almost 24 hours and now our water is acting weird. i think the best way to get through the hurricane is by being sick. i slept most of the day and couldn't have gone anywhere anyway. i'm still not feeling well, but i'm about to go shopping anyway. even if all i do is drive around for a while, but with gas being as much as it is, i better not do that, i better have a specific destination!

edit: my mom said using "rock you like a hurricane" was the easy way out...can't help it, i was sick. maybe this is better.

Friday, September 12, 2008

you be illin'

not exactly in the context run dmc had in mind, but very true. k-dogg and i are both sick. i've been sick all week. i still went to work all week, went to b-a-m, went to the game last night...just like normal. k-dogg said his throat hurt last night, so he called in sick to work today and has been on the couch all day! guys are such weaklings when they're sick! i skipped the game tonight, it was moved up to 6 since we're under an inland tropical storm watch. but not cancelled. i think that's like a sin or something in east texas to cancel a friday night football game! anyway, since i've been home i slept almost two hours. my mom woke me up when she rang the doorbell, she brought us dinner! i didn't have a clue where i was or what was going on when i woke up. i have a fever and k-dogg hasn't moved from the couch or quit watching the ufc marathon in the past 4 hours. i'm fixin' to ask him if we can watch the office on dvd...we're on season 2. i've always liked the show, but i've never been an avid watcher...it comes on during middle school game night! i'll be back later this weekend with a hurricane update. it's not like i'll be going anywhere else!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

so what

nothing much to blog about. we went with the go girl group to books-a-million tonight. some of those women NEVER get out! i got a pomegranate green tea with honey, mostly to help my sore throat that i'm trying to ignore. tomorrow night i'm staying home so i'll be good to go to the football games and stuff later. one of my old friends from my old church is coming to town this weekend. we've tried to hang out the last three or four times he's been here, but it hasn't worked out yet. and one of my other old friends will be around in about a month. i haven't seen him in about 10 years, so i hope i'll get to see him when he's here. vans and airwalks, nirvana, and skateboarding...anything i know about any of that stuff started because of him. the busted light on the front of my old toyota...i hit his mom's minivan in the school parking lot and lifted it off the ground. i'm just glad she never found out about it! i got a ut garden gnome from amazon...i was really excited about it. but, they sent me u of tennessee instead of texas, so i'm going to send it back and will have to wait a few more days for the right one! i really need to go talk to k-dogg and go to bed soon, i'm too tired to read a book tonight. i got book one of c.s. lewis's space trilogy in the mail yesterday, the devil wears prada is on it's way in the mail. i still need to read clapton. and there's another book at my mom and dad's that i'm going to read, but i don't remember the title. oh yeah, my blog title has no meaning tonight, it's just what came up on my ipod when i started typing...it's a good song though.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

communication breakdown

it bugs me when bloggers that i read don't update every few days, but i haven't updated in about a week! honestly, nothing really happened. the hurricane missed us but we still got some nasty mist for two days and some cooler weather. there was a fight at school between two kids that i have written about several times. i'm honestly glad neither one of them is in my class anymore. i had to send a kid to the office because he punched another boy below the belt. i think if i was in charge of discipline, i'd be all for an eye for an eye on that one. more jv football thursday night, we won and the weather wasn't bad. i got some good pictures and got to talk to a lot of my old students that are in high school now. i took pictures of the new door pulls i installed monday, but my camera is in my bedroom, and i'm too lazy to go get it right now. today was a rarity, k-dogg went shopping with me! only because i took him to the halloween store. i don't understand him, he's totally afraid of real spiders, even teeny tiny ones, but he comes home with an 8 foot fuzzy spider and a bag full of little squoooshy spiders! weirdo! and i changed the lights on the front porch and put together and installed our new solar garden lights. i just watched failure to launch on tbs. it was alright. i still don't get how they expect you to believe that kathy bates and terry bradshaw could have a child together that would look like matthew mcconaughey, but whatever! since it's after 10pm, i should probably go find something for dinner!

such a good texas boy!