Wednesday, April 30, 2008

good times, bad times

i have so much stuff i need to blog about, but it's almost time for church and i'm really tired.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


haha, so, normally i vote for jason castro on american idol. but, not this week. i'm not really into broadway songs either, but his was just bad. plus, he sang one a lot of people know. anyway, my post was really going to be from this weekend anyway. we went to stay with my aunt, uncle, two cousins, and my other aunt and uncle were there for one night. first of all, that's way too many people in that house when none of them are k-dogg! second of all, my cousins' bedroom and bathroom is disgusting...17 and 19 year old boys! but, i got to go to houston and see my sister, bean, so it was all worth it! and she'll be home this summer for a week! some people think we look a lot alike, k-dogg thought we were either step sisters or that one of us was adopted when he first saw us...but i think it all fits together when you see both of us with our mom and dad.

bean with my mom and dad
us looking a little cheesy...but we were extremely excited to see each other, i hadn't seen her since january 2! for 23 1/2 years she was right across the bathroom from me!

Friday, April 18, 2008


so, wednesday morning, i'm actually not late for work, my outfit is nice and cute, i'm trying to get out of the garage before banjo sneaks in and....KABOOM. Guess what happens if you try to pull out of your garage before the door is all the way up!?!?!? This...

and also this... I knocked the garage door of it's track...way off and broke my spoiler off on the left side. not good. my dad came by and fixed the door with a tire iron. that way i could at least get my car out of the garage to go to work. i called the body shop today, but he didn't call back, so i gotta check tuesday on my new spoiler. right now i've gotta go pack...i get to see bean tomorrow! they'll be in houston for a film festival for her husband's first movie. so, we're going down to meet her for lunch and stay with my aunt and uncle. yea! and i was already off work tuesday, so i don't have to go back until wednesday...awesome weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For What It's Worth

My mom tagged me:

So here are 7 random things about me.

1. i had my favorite song ever played at my the guys that wrote it...and they did a special acoustic version just for our wedding, but i'm not spoiled, just got connections and musical friends

2. along those same lines...i used to work for a southern metal band, i wrote their email newsletter and worked their merch table at the non-smoking venues

3. if i could live anywhere in america (other than east texas) without worrying about our jobs and stuff, it'd be in east tennessee

4. i want some new converses, but cannot quite justify spending $45 + on shoes that i used to get for much less! (my bday is next month!)

5. like my mom and my dad, i am the oldest, but i don't just like to be in control...i HAVE to be in control, unless i decide to let someone else think they're in control!

6. turning 29 isn't bothering me, i'd just like to look at least 23...maybe

7. my kitten's full name is banjo super kitty banjowsky...and his first name came from an episode of space ghost coast to coast

In the spirit of nonconformity...i'm not tagging anyone!

no observational humor today, just happy it's tuesday...cheesy american idol, cheesy pizza, and i got my "crazy med" refilled! which is funny, because while i'm typing that...i'm listening to a song called psycho...hmmmm.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hey Ladies

so, just some of the things i've seen and heard the past few days...i went shopping saturday night and wished i had taken my camera. outside one of the tax places there was a black guy dressed as uncle sam dancing by the road and waving at everyone. that place does that every year and i've seen uncle sam and the statue of liberty, but they usually just wave. this guy had a radio and was dancing all over the place! he was great. then on my way to kohls i drove by the new lane bryant store. it's not open yet, but the store windows were full of naked mannequins and there was this guy standing outside smoking with all the naked mannequins behind him! and i'm sorry, but lane bryant is a plus-size store and those mannequins do not really look plus-size. that doesn't seem right! last thing, no one told me when i started teaching that i would ever be asked to explain a pregnant man to a bunch of 12/13 year olds! never came up in childrens' lit or microcomputers for the elementary classroom! i did tell them that he was born a female and is only a man from the stomach up. that answered it for some of them, but one still wanted to know how he is going to deliver the baby, so i told him to ask his science teacher. yet another time i'll wish i had my camera! i can't wait til summer.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

across the universe

finally watched it...loved it. watched borat last night because k-dogg got to pick the movie...hated it. no surprise either way. not much else is going on, cooler today. pretty much lazy. my house is so much calmer now that banjo lives on the back porch. next plan is to kick k-dogg out of MY computer room and back to his! might go out tonight, might not, don't really know or care right now. probably should take a shower though!

Monday, April 7, 2008

you got it (the right stuff)

i am so excited that nkotb is back together! you have no idea. in 5th grade i had an nkotb birthday party, i went to see them at the astrodome. my entire room was covered in pictures of them...except pictures of danny by himself, i didn't hang those up! when i went to g.a. camp, i had pictures of them taped to the inside of my suitcase and wore a different t-shirt everyday. i had the lunchbox, i watched the stupid cartoon. my mom bought me new kids pins for my sling when i dislocated my elbow. i listened to shotgun ken shepherd on the way to school with my dad, but i remember when my mom picked me up from school and had their first tape playing in the van because she had bought it for us that day. they had better come to texas!

anyway, speaking of shotgun, i did get tickets today to see his son, kenny wayne shepherd, later this month. i'm really excited about that too. i've seen him about 4 or 5 times, but it's been awhile! such a good time in my world of music right now!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


pretty good song title to fall back on...guess i could use yesterday sometime too. school was ok, no raging hormones among the boys...well, no more than normal. very strange stuff going on among some of the girls. don't even want to talk about it. the best thing all day was going to lowe's and finding a martha stewart paint color named spiny sea urchin! that's just great. there were some other creative names, but that was the best. i'm actually thinking of how i could redo my computer room so that i could paint it that color. but it's really not the best shade of green i've seen, so maybe not. the best thing all day yesterday was when my students were talking about it being april fool's day and one girl looked down at her outfit and said, "Oh good, i'm ok, i'm wearing green!" we laughed so hard after that! someone i told asked if she was just trying to play a joke on us, but she wasn't. you have to know the girl. i love her (and her aunt ro), but she's so blonde! i had a good night too. i got to go to church and see all 4 of the kids that make up the coolest little kids ever on my list over there. too bad one of them was asleep.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


April Fool's Day at middle school and i survived! that also means march is i can talk about the books i read this month. i read The Lovely Bones, Hawkes Harbor, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and will finish To Kill A Mockingbird tonight. TKM is one of my all time favorite books, so it's definitely a repeat. ATSS was a really good book. I liked it even better than Kite Runner. I highly recommend it. The other two...not so much. TLB was alright, just weird and it started to go on too long. Hawkes Harbor should be called Horrendously Horrible. I was excited to get it, because the author is the same woman that wrote The Outsiders and that's one of my favorite books, too. All the other teenage boy living in Oklahoma books she wrote are pretty good, too. Hawkes Harbor just came out in 2004. I only recently heard about it and now I know why...outta no where it turned into a vampire story! what the heck!?!?!? anyway, DO NOT read it! I'm probably going to drop my copy off at goodwill soon, i don't even want it taking up room on my shelf. anyway, you can definitely tell that it's spring around 7th grade. the entire hallway stinks like rotten feet and they are entirely too focused on their hormones! See the cute new purse I bought this weekend? Today after tutorials, this boy said it was an interesting purse, that he liked it, and he's never seen one quite like it before. i thought maybe he liked it because of the's not really red, it's not really orange, it's coral (which according to instyle magazine is THE spring color this year). anyway, no...he said he liked it because it reminded him of something. so, the girl in my tutorials finally said, "oh, because it looks like a girl's shirt and the snaps are right where know. " good grief! he looked at my purse and pictures female anatomy! that's just wrong! so yeah, gotta love those 7th graders this time of year! i don't care, i still like my purse, i'll probably just keep it under my desk all the time now! at least my job is not boring!