Wednesday, November 26, 2008


as in the cream cheese and the b.b. king song. thanksgiving dinner is here tomorrow. the turkey has been picked up, my mom made the dressing and is bringing the cranberry sauce. k-dogg's pink stuff is in the fridge. ( dislike that stuff even more after i had to make it and know what's in it!) i'm making the sweet potatoes and the green bean casserole tomorrow morning. all that's left is my german chocolate cheesecake. so, there's 3 packages of philadelphia cream cheese softening on my counter right now. i spent most of the day finishing a new blanket for k-dogg and hunting for my napkin rings. my dad said not to worry about the napkin rings, we're just going to unroll the napkins as soon as we sit down to eat. then my mom explained that my whole color scheme and centerpiece for thanksgiving came from those napkin rings. i finally found them in a box i had already looked in twice. i think it's time to finish cleaning my craft room. yesterday was fun. we went to eat vietnamese food and then went to play at the park. definitely not a typical day. now i need to stop procrastinating and make that cheesecake before criminal minds comes on. have to have my weekly dose of dr. reed, garcia, and morgan.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

school's out

i'm free! we have a whole week off from work! so far we've been to see twilight, went to eat at my favorite place with one of our friends we haven't seen in a while, and have stayed in our pajamas all day today! i also went to hobby lobby and ross by myself. i don't like to go to ross with anyone, i can't hunt as well with people with me. i was looking for stuff for secret santa, but ended up coming home with a new sweater and teva tennis shoes. oh well. i did get some secret santa stuff at hobby lobby and some craft stuff. i got a ceramic pumpkin for 20 cents. and i got a cardboard thing that i was thinking was a Christmas tree, but after i showed it to k-dogg, we decided it can also be a megaphone, a party hat, a horn, a beak, or a vase. i'm still thinking it's going to be a tree. i finally finished rereading a time to kill. it wouldn't have taken so long if i hadn't read the first three twilight books while i was still reading it. the twilight books are way better than the movie. i liked the movie...i just think the books are better. the movie changed a few things i thought should not have been changed. i finished half of a baby blanket. i'll probably finish the rest while i'm watching amazing race later. my mom has requested pictures of the blanket, i'll have to see if i can figure out how to get my camera program back on my computer. my computer died last week! completely flatlined. but, i'm married to a computer tech, so we had an extra computer in the closet. it's even faster than the one i was using. k-dogg was able to save all of my pictures and itunes, but he didn't put my camera software back for me. it shouldn't be too hard, i just haven't done it yet. my titans lost today, i'm glad i don't have to face my students tomorrow to hear them bug me about it. tomorrow i'm going to the eye doctor for a check up and to order new glasses. mine are missing the nose cushions and are really bent up. probably from falling asleep on the couch all the time. right now i need to go switch the laundry over. i came home really mad from work on friday and tried to use my anger for housework energy, but then we left to go to the movie so the same clothes have been in the washer and dryer since friday night! i just started over again. that way i won't have to iron as much and the wet clothes won't smell funny!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

it's not over

haha, you think i have time for a real post the week before thanksgiving!?!? just wanted to say that at 1:30 tomorrow i will be free for 9 days! woo hoo! tomorrow night we're going to see twilight! and i made the best dessert for the thanksgiving lunch at work...the german chocolate cheesecake was a huge success!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

the thrill is gone

that thrill being shopping on saturday afternoons with my mom. we went today and it was not a pleasant experience. my mom wanted a plate from pier one. when we asked about it the girl said that they were out because a lady had come in right before us and bought both of them...since when do you run out of something by one person buying two of them!?!? then we went to kohl's. that was actually a good store. i helped my mom pick out some presents for bean and jbaby and i got to pick a present for myself too. but, then we ran into my grandma and my aunt in the parking lot. they were returning the birthday present my mom had given my grandma...awkward! target was ok, got some of those heated sticker things for the muscle i strained in my back. lunch was good and the waitress was scared of my mom so that was funny. got some cute stuff and had fun looking at all the crazy stuff in the store next door. that's when we should have gone home. i've been made the unofficial shopper for school uniforms for our closet at school. people at church and work have donated a lot of money to help out some families. problem is...most stores consider school uniforms to be seasonal items and they are really hard to find. which is how we ended up at wal-mart. that is why my mom and i have decided that saturdays will now be reserved for crafting until Christmas is over. we had to wait for a buggy, there were screaming and crying kids everywhere, but you'd cry too if your trashy, tattooed, stupid parents were hitting you all over the store. we found some clothes and i got an awesome kermit the frog Christmas shirt. we found a line that wasn't insanely long, no kids were in the line, just one lady and then an old man with one item. but, outta no where his wife cut in front of us with a buggy full of stuff! he had just been standing there holding her place in line while she was shopping. the poor girl checking was supposed to be leaving soon, but her manager came by and reopened her lane without telling her. the old lady tried to tell my mom that we had to move because the lane was closed, so my mom told her we weren't going anywhere because we would already be checking out if she hadn't cut in front of us! then that stupid manager took the people BEHIND us and let them go to a new lane that had just opened and the redneck laughed at us when they walked by. we finally got out of there and were trying to leave, but this trashy person was walking through the parking lot right in our way and not even paying attention because she was too busy yelling at and hitting the little girl with her. all i can say is ARGH!!! i am so glad i did most of my shopping online or during the week and i'm already finished Christmas shopping! every year our saturday shopping is ruined by all these crazy people who only shop during this time of year and have no idea how to act in public. they cut you off in the parking lot, they walk right down the middle of the aisle so you can't drive around them. they bring the whole smelly, loud, inbred family with them. and do a wonderful job to perpetuate the whole texas redneck stereotype. they totally trash my holiday spirit and it's not even thanksgiving yet! i will still go shopping on black friday. that's just too much fun. when you go out as early as i do, it's mostly people that are good at shopping. most of the trash is still home sleeping off their hangovers. or they're at walmart fighting over some cheap electronic device they have no idea how to connect or use anyway. but other than that, my shopping is finished for the year. good thing i have a stack of crafts and books to keep me busy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


ok, the title has nothing to do with the post, that's just what i'm listening to right now. and, how often does anyone get to use that word? i'm working on organizing and cleaning up my craft/computer room so i'm listening to my "energy" playlist on itunes. it's mostly hip-hop/rap with a little pop and alternative mixed in. and somehow the miranda lambert song, gunpowder and lead, is on there. not sure how that got there since I DON'T LISTEN TO COUNTRY. but, i have that song, a taylor swift song, some josh turner, the new darius rucker (yes, from hootie and the blowfish fame), and a song called cheater, cheater by joey and rory. that's mostly on there because it was free, really funny, and reminded me of my friend susu that just got a divorce! but, what good is an ipod if you can't have all your guilty pleasure songs on there? mine just happens to be all over the place...christina aguilara, josh groban, spice girls, limp bizket, toby mac, nelly, mc hammer, and puddle of mudd. i don't want to leave anything out! really, i want to see how many genres i end up with! i need to get back to the cleaning and organizing. school has me stressed out so i'm putting the anger and stress to good use. i'm so glad i have a workshop to go to tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

looking at the world from the bottom of a well

i am so glad tomorrow is friday. this has not been a great week. this is pretty much the total opposite of a thankful thursday list. i went home sick from work on monday. should've stay home tuesday, but i didn't. pastor o passed away tuesday. there has been some weird tension around everywhere since the election results came in. my parents were gone to visit my sister. my afternoon classes have been so bad that i've had to lock the door to keep them in and other kids out, pile on huge amounts of work, give them a new seating chart, and not let them talk at all. it stresses me out when i have to be that mean, but they deserve it right now. i still don't feel great. i'm about to go take a shower and go to bed so that maybe i can get to work on time. tomorrow is yearbook picture day...woohoo! on a happier note, look at these glasses i ordered from crate and barrel!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

when we all get to heaven

this is pastor ovidio, the pastor at the church we go to in the summer to help with VBS. other than my pastor, he is one of the Godliest men i have ever met. he passed away from a heart attack yesterday. he's been really sick for a while, so i'm happy he's not in pain anymore, but i'm sad for his wife, raquel, and their three sons. he never did learn any english, but i know we'll talk again, someday!

this is ovidio jr. he hates having his picture taken and would've hid if he knew i took this!
this is erik. erik is probably my best friend in mexico. he's going to be under a lot of pressure now because it will be his job to take over the church. he teaches math 4 hours away from home, but he goes home every weekend to help at church. erik and ovidio have another brother named alex. alex and his wife have a cute little boy who will probably not even remember pastor o now. please keep my friends and their family and church in your prayers.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

working for the weekend

the rest of my weekend... i left school early friday to set up for the tea. i don't like teaching middle school on halloween, so i was glad to leave early. friday night we played our big rivals and we lost. i still got some good pictures though. yesterday my parents left to go visit bean in california. i went on a mad dash to find a plain white napkin because i was missing one. finally found one at big lots along with some gold chargers, some dvds, and MINTY BELLS! minty bells are just as important to Christmas as mellowcreme pumpkins are to halloween. the tea was great. very nice and relaxing, met some new people, drank some tea. should have ended my day there. i put together a good costume for the masquerade ball. some people thought i was supposed to be a gypsy or an indian. one person asked if i was supposed to be my mom! but, i was just a hippie. the dance was so boring that i left early. the music wasn't good and the kids weren't having fun. k-dogg and i went to ihop. i tried some lemon and blueberry coffee cake pancakes. they were really good for a while. not so good later when we had to stop in the parking lot at this big church on the way home because i was sick. but, at least we got to see 3 deer while we were there. they were standing there staring at me the whole time! so, today i've stayed home all day. plus, the longhorns lost yesterday. not good. but at least the titans won in overtime this afternoon! i'm going to go watch the cowboys lose and get ready for the amazing race and the season finale of army wives now. i've sat up as long as i can right now.


english tea

part of my busy weekend, and the reason i'm sick now, was the ladies holiday tea at church yesterday. my mom and bean weren't able to be there, so i told them i'd take lots of pictures.