Tuesday, July 21, 2009

watch the silverware

ok, before i lose power...i wanted to post my newest project. i've been looking for something to hang on the wall between my oven and the pantry since we moved here. i finally found something...
i saw a set of fork and spoon pictures at pier one. i liked them, but they were $45 each. i kept walking around the store and found these napkins with forks, knives, and spoons on them. they were $3.50 each. i got the frames today at hobby lobby for $15 each. so, instead of $90, i spent $37 and i think it's a lot cooler looking and not as boring.

i was going to hang both of them by the pantry, but the frames were too big...

so, i put one by my microwave and cabinets. still close enough that you can see both at once. i have other projects i'm working on, but they are still "in progress."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

round here

have a few minutes to blog before army wives comes on. haven't been on the computer as much this past week since k-dogg got home from tokyo. he took a lot of good pictures and brought me some unique gifts. i got a copy of to kill a mockingbird in japanese! i can't read japanese, but i love that book. my parents have a huge to kill a mockingbird poster over their stove and we are supposed to go see the play this fall. i also got a crunching dog usb toy. it's a little dog you plug into the computer and it does crunches. totally useless, but really funny. i got pink headphones for my ipod, a book of reptiles and amphibians from the zoo in tokyo, and a knowledge charm from a shrine. oh yeah, and a little wooden frog from a hippie festival! tomorrow i'm supposed to finish my computer/craft room. my mom is coming over to help and my dad is going to install some new light fixtures. saturday morning i have to be at the church at 6:30 am to go to six flags and then on to our mission trip. i don't remember the last time i was at six flags from open to close. i'm ready to ride some rides and see kutless and tobymac in concert. i wish k-dogg was going, but he doesn't really like roller coasters, so it's ok. then i'm going to mission arlington as a sponsor for the youth's mission trip. i'll miss my friends and the kids at our sister church in mexico, but i won't miss the drive there and back or the smelly water! we're not going there this year because of the travel bans in the area for gang violence and n1h1 flu. but i still get to work with kids and probably use some spanish. before i go, i guess i need to go work in my new classroom. once i get back from arlington, i'll only have 7 days to get my room ready for school! so, my summer is almost over and i still have a lot to do. we were going to get a new couch soon, but k-dogg's car has been sick a lot. last week it had to get a new speedometer. i was driving his car to church and looked down and it said i was going 140+! then when i stopped...it said i was going 100. the bill was kinda funny. it listed the concern as a speedo hung on 100...that made the amount we had to pay just a little less harsh!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

one week

i'm in the middle of 4 different projects right now. i'm working on a blanket, a clipboard, a birdfeeder, and i spray painted a little vase i bought at goodwill today, but i'm going to have to go over it again. all in an effort to keep myself busy until k-dogg returns. and i already made another blanket and a flower arrangement for the front door and the topiary i showed here monday. i promise to post pictures of everything when it's all finished. the birdfeeder is just drying. i also spray painted some metal stars that i stole from a coach's classroom on the last day of school. he was fired a couple weeks before school was out, so on the last day we looted his room! they are going to look good in my new classroom, but they were dark/barn red and now they are silver. what else? my mom and i went to lowe's twice. i now have a nice new trash can and water sprinkler. we had been using what the previous house owners left here two years ago. i got a trellis for my out of control rose bush, it's in the ground, but i haven't weaved the rose bush into it yet. i've done more yard work this week than i've ever done before. all the stuff i have to move to my new classroom has been sorted, packed, labeled, and is waiting in the storage room. i watched the spiderwick chronicles, notes on a scandal, and the secret life of bees. i read same kind of different as me. the only thing i didn't do that i wanted to do this week was paint the wall in my computer room. i still have a day or two, so we'll see. it probably won't get done yet. all of my computer stuff is against that wall and i don't want to unplug everything while k-dogg is gone. and i still need to finish the bedroom. i finally got some stuff hung up, but it's still a mess. i don't think it's ever been completely clean and organized since we've lived here. i really want that and my closet completely organized before i go back to work. it makes it so much easier to get ready for work when i know where all of my clothes and accessories are placed. for now, i'm going to go change the channel on my tv...the nanny gets on my nerves!

Monday, July 6, 2009


so, i've made it four days now. this morning i finished my ribbon topiary. i got the idea from today's creative blog when she was featuring whitney caroline designs. both of them are on blogspot, too. the one she did was red, white, and blue for the 4th of july, but i made one to match my living room so that i can leave it out longer. or at least it will match my living room when we get a new couch. i got all of the supplies at wal-mart. anyway, here are the pics.

it wasn't hard, it just took longer than i thought it would. i worked on most of it while i was watching my abc soaps and army wives. it was nice to take a break from the fleece blankets, though. my parents and i worked on my yard today. i got to ride the riding lawnmower while my dad used the push mower and my mom cut hedges and pulled weeds. i think i had the best job. it was the coolest it's been all summer, but it was still pretty warm. i have a headache now from the sun and the grass. tomorrow is a big trip to lowes. we need a rose trellis and a trash can, and some other things, but mostly it's just another diversion to keep myself busy. good thing my movies from netflix are supposed to arrive tomorrow!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yea, I finally got an email from K-dogg! If he had written it at home, I'd think he had been drinking, but he said the keyboards over there are really hard to figure out. The last two days have been extremely long and boring, but today is going to be a lot better. Made a new thing for our front door, ordered some more Scrabble tile necklaces from etsy. Church this morning, a nap this afternoon, and then the big ice cream social at church tonight. I don't actually like ice cream much, but homemade ice cream is a lot better and I like seeing what combinations people come up with trying to win the Golden Dipper Award. I hope it doesn't rain tonight so that the kids will get to play on the water slides. Ok, gotta go or I'll be late for church.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

don't speak

after reading my sister's post this morning, i was ready to go out to cali and dropkick her boss back to his home country. how can people be so stupid? bean is the best person at that place and to even say anything that makes her feel bad about her seizures when you don't know anything about them just makes me mad. not to mention that it's not really legal or ethical for him to talk about it anyway. that's what the ada is for. i know not everyone has a mom and a sister with neurological disorders, so some people don't think about what they are saying and how it can affect someone...but everyone should have common sense or manners. especially adults that are in a supervisor position in a business. just because she doesn't have grand mal seizures doesn't mean she can do her job when she's having seizures. most people would not be able to deal if they had to have epilepsy or ms. they don't understand them, they're ignorant about them, and a lot of times they say really stupid things as a result. good gosh, get off of facebook, your game, or away from the tv for 10 minutes and google something worth learning about. ok, i'll quit ranting now. most of the people who read my blog are more intelligent than the people that make these mistakes. most of you actually know my mom and my sister and know what both of them deal with in their brains. you probably know that i rarely discuss my sister's epilepsy or my mom's ms, too. but when someone is that insensitive to my little sister, i get mad. and since i'm here, and she's way out there...there's not much i can do.