Sunday, June 26, 2011

invade my space

did some major shopping yesterday.  went by the mall to stock up on soap and wallflowers from b&bw.  got lunch from chick-fil-a and for some reason decided to get a table in the food court instead of inside the restaurant.  so, i found a table with six chairs.  i could have been rude and sat right in the middle and spread all my stuff out, but i was nice and sat at the end in case someone needed to sit at the other end.  sure enough, before i even have my food set up, a lady asked if she could sit at the other end of the table.  yeah...the other END.  she said she had someone with her, so i said fine.  she didn't have one someone with her, she had FOUR someones.  as in five people...they took over my whole table!  how rude and sneaky can you be?  so, after i crammed my nuggets and fries down and gulped my dr. pepper so i could leave MY table...i overheard her say, "wow, she ate fast and didn't say much!"  anyway, i got the snoopy shower curtain i have been wanting for scout's bathroom.  i saw it at target a few weeks ago, but decided to wait until after pay day.  then i looked it up online and they were sold out!  i went to the store yesterday and they had one left on the shelf!  i'll post pictures when it's finished.  i got the shower curtain and a new clock up, but that's it.  i thought i had a red bathroom rug from when the bathroom was done in pirates, but i guess i threw it out.  i already have a trash can and soap dispenser that will match.  i ordered a poster for the wall this morning.  i wasn't going to redo the bathroom, but i really don't think he will like the peach, gray, and black trees and birdcage that were in there.  now it matches his room and k-dogg's office.  and best of's not frogs, ducks, or a sea creature theme!  for some reason the stores think that's what everyone wants for their kids' bathrooms! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


finally slept all night last night.  feed scout around 9, but he threw up on me twice...carrots!  got both of us changed and he was still in bed asleep by 10.  i was asleep before 10:30 and woke up at 6:30 this morning when k-dogg's alarm went off!  after he left i went back to sleep til 8.  i think cleaning my room helped.  i cleaned out my closet, got rid of all my maternity clothes, pulled out all the empty hangers.  got all the laundry done and put away.  moved the trunk in my room back to where it was before scout moved in our room.  got rid of the huge pile of pajamas that wouldn't fit in my dresser.  got the living room cleaned up.  sprayed for bugs!  and we're still going.  i just got finished cleaning out our bathroom cabinets...well, mine.  k-dogg uses one drawer and one part of a shelf!  scout should be waking up soon, so i'm gonna get his stuff ready.  no carrots today!

Monday, June 20, 2011

after midnight

could not go to sleep last night.  i played on my phone, i played the alphabet game in my head.  i kept my eyes closed for two hours.  i finally got up and took another allergy pill.  could be a lot of things.  i took a two hour nap yesterday and saturday.  working in the yard saturday morning wore me out.  i know those flower beds have not been touched in at least 2 years!  Scout's getting a lot easier to take care of and i'm out of school right now, so i don't need as much sleep as i have been trying to get.  and now that he's sleeping in his room, it's easier for all of us.  gaudet's funeral starts in an hour.  i decided not to go.  it's just too much.  between all the news coverage and the procession.  i put my flag out, i'm praying for his family.  and i'm staying home.  but it was still on my mind last night.  then, there's all the projects around here.  i have blankets to make, a wreath to create, the regular housework, and i'd really like to clean out most of the house...ugh!  2 weeks til NYC! 

Monday, June 13, 2011


don't have much to say right now...just don't want that last post to be the first thing on my screen anymore.  the mavs won the nba finals last night.  i'm getting tired of reading all the posts on facebook.  where does it say that if you live in east should automatically like all teams from dallas?  i haven't liked the cowboys since i was a little kid and didn't really have my own opinion yet.  even then i liked the oilers better, i loved the chicago bears, and it was a dallas cowboys cheerleader jacket i had...not one for the team!  i don't have a favorite football team right now.  it will depend on where (if anywhere) vince young ends up and if there's even a season.  or i may go back to cheering for my bears. but, my second favorite team is always anyone that beats dallas!  college football is better anyway.  i never really cared one way or the other about the mavs when i was growing up.  i'm kinda with chris bosh from the heat...they were not a good team and i was/am a huge tim duncan fan.  my child has a spurs blanket...which we got questions about every time we went out with it this winter.  i was a huge fan of basketball in middle school.  my door was covered with pictures and headlines from the newspapers.  that was the early 90's, so of course i loved michael jordan.  my students are always impressed that i got to watch him and shaq on tv when he was the best and before shaq was old and hurt!  then after jordan i liked the rockets and then the spurs.  i have never liked the lakers.  what they did to phil jackson during his last game as a head coach this year was disgraceful.  and as long as mark cuban owns the dallas mavericks...i'll never like them.  i did say last night that after watching the finals i like jason terry.  but cuban and carlisle have a long way to go.  my favorite teams are san antonio and oklahoma city.  after that it's anyone that beats dallas or la.  and i do like one team from dallas...I LOVE MY TEXAS RANGERS!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

american boy

not loving facebook right now.  sitting on my couch sunday night, watching the heat beat the mavs again, hanging out with k-dogg and scout, playing on my phone because i think it's attaching itself to my hand, decided to checkout facebook statuses real quick.  my friend, charity's, "my heart goes out to brad's family.  thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice for those of us back home..." my friend susan's, "rip brad gaudet.  you did pay the ultimate sacrifice for all us!"  really, a friend i've had for 20 years is killed in afghanistan and i learn the news on facebook!  within an hour, about 2/3 of my facebook feed was about gaudet.  the only ones not posting about him were my friends from work and church.  i don't know who found out about him and how the news got back to gladewater so fast...but i hope i never again have to find out anything like that from a facebook post.  i met gaudet at an end of school pool party when he was in 5th grade and i was in 6th.  back then he went by justin.  he was the first boy that was my boyfriend for more than 2 weeks in middle school.  he is the only guy, other than my dad, that has ever bought me flowers.  he started coming to my church with his mom and his little sister.  my dad took us and two other friends from church to see audio adrenaline at the oil palace.  when he started high school he decided to start going by brad.  i could never call him that, so i just called him gaudet.  when i was a junior, i babysat his sister everyday after school from the time i got out of school until whenever his mom decided to come home.  he drove an old turquoise vw bug that broke down a lot.  a lot of times his sister and i would have to go pick him up from football or basketball practice or take him to work.  when he was a junior, he flipped off the camera in the football team picture and had to pay for everyone's retakes!  he was a year behind me in school and after he graduated, i had started going to a different church and didn't see him much.  i knew he had a daughter named tealie and he was in the army.  i saw him on the news when he got in trouble for stealing some shuttle wreckage in nacogdoches.  yeah, i'm not one to gloss over everything and conveniently forget stuff just because you aren't supposed to talk bad about people after they're gone.  :)  he wouldn't expect anything else from me anyway, we loved to harass each other!  he found me on facebook last year and i knew he was in new york and had a fiance and was going to have a baby.  addison was born in mid-may and gaudet got to the hospital while ginny was in labor.  he got to spend about two weeks with them and then flew back to afghanistan right before memorial day weekend.  now that i have scout, i feel so bad for ginny and addison.  i can't imagine what that would be like. so, yeah, not a big facebook lover these days.   

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

don't know why

i guess today is a summer preview.  since my mom decided to get all dramatic and faint yesterday :) i stayed home with scout so she could rest.  i think it's absolutely insane that we're still in school anyway.  scout actually slept in til 8:15...he's never slept that late before.  he was up about 2 hours and then fell asleep again.  woke up and ate and played with gram, then went to sleep again!  on days when i have a lot to do at the house, this will be great.  on days in want to go out and do something...he's gonna either have to wake up or sleep on the go!  i ran out to get lunch earlier and when i pulled up in the driveway...the garage door would only open about a foot.  i tried 3 or 4 times and each time it would open less and less.  i have no idea what's wrong.  i'm just glad my car was out of the garage when it happened so that i can still leave if i need to!  i never had a garage door before we moved here and k-dogg didn't either, so we have no clue what to do to it or what to look for!  anyway, i need to go finish a present for my friends that are moving to louisiana this weekend.  i just wanted to post again before another 10 months passed!