Sunday, March 30, 2008


i know i need to post a new entry...maybe tomorrow if you're special!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ojos, boca, orejas, y nariz

so, that song probably isn't familiar to anyone unless they went to our mission church in san buenaventura, but it was the first thing i thought of when i was thinking of a title for this post. i was reading something on yesterday and it said that a good mood booster is to make a list of 5 things you love for each of your 5 senses. so, here it is...

I love the smell of: lemons, coffee, Christmas, my clean house, and vanilla

I love the sound of: the ocean, wind chimes, banjo purring, the school bell at 3:17 on Friday afternoon, and Kelly singing

I love the sight of: my K-dogg (he really falls under every category), snow, the R girls, wildflowers, and Ansel Adams photos

I love the taste of: dark chocolate, Mom's fudge, lemon pound cake, peppermint hot chocolate, and fresh bread

I love the feel of: clean sheets, cashmere, flannel, new haircuts, and a warm shower

All of those things put me in a better mood! If I could have fudge and peppermint hot chocolate with K-dogg, while it was snowing on Christmas and I was in my bed with clean flannnel sheets...not much else could beat that!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night!

so, today was really the last day of spring break. i have to get up early tomorrow for church. i actually did everything i planned to do on my spring break except go shopping in tyler or dallas. oh well, gotta love those tornado watches! yesterday i spent about 3 hours cleaning our bedroom. that's just crazy. we still had boxes to unpack and we moved here in july. the day before i bought a lot of flowers at lowe's and spent the rest of the day doing yard work. i wish my sister had been here this week. i can't wait til she comes home to visit this summer! anyway, today i just went to my mom's and we tried to learn our new cameras. then k-dogg and i went to jason's deli...finally. we also went to lowe's and bought more yard stuff and picked out paint colors for the living room and his office. now he's watching rob and big with his goofy friend and i'm on here.

trying out the color accent feature on the azaleas across the street from my parents' house
this is my fridge... a daily occurrence that had to be recorded on camera!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

freeze frame

yea! i got my pictures to go to my computer and finally got them to print on 4x6 photo paper instead of regular size computer paper. so happy! i also changed some light bulbs, did laundry and dishes, made a dessert, and booted banjo outside for the day! but it still looks like i haven't accomplished anything. i wish i felt better. i've steamed, i used my neti pot, i've taken medicine, and blown my nose until i thought my ears would explode, but i still don't feel good. oh well, at least i'm off work this week. the storm last night was really bad, we were on our way home from italian food and the mall and k-dogg had to pull over at the fire station and wait until he could see the road. it was a little scary, but not as scary as if it hadn't cleared up and blake had been stuck here for the night! i think i need to go shower and go shopping again. i went yesterday, but banjo said he needs some kitty litter and i think we need another dvd tower...or two or three.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

it might as well be spring

i'm on spring break! ok, spring doesn't officially start until thursday, but who cares? i got my haircut, went to beaver's bend yesterday, and went to palm sunday service at's spring. the family campout was really fun, but i'm very sunburned. we're all sunburned...even the little bitty kids that were there. i froze all through church this morning because of my sunburn, not fun. anyway, i'll have pictures posted as soon as i figure out my new camera! now i'm just waiting for k-dogg to get home. he went to galveston with his IT homies this weekend. he should be home soon, which is good, banjo misses him. i haven't been home much. i was here for maybe half an hour after work friday, then i was off to get my hair and brows did, visit my grandma, go to the softball and baseball games, and out to eat with mine and k-dogg's bestest friends. i went to bed as soon as i got home, got up and ran away to oklahoma until 11 last night. then i came home from church today, went straight to bed, and didn't get up until about 5:45! banjo's crying for me to come out of the computer room right now, so i know he'll be happy when k-dogg gets here. he loves him, he just happens to show it by clawing his arms up any time he has a chance. banjo's not stupid, he's never clawed me like that. if he did, he'd be outside where he belongs! he'd be out there permanently already, if the big bad cat next door didn't try to beat him up every time he goes out. too bad banjo doesn't know that big bad cat's name is kittywitty. then he could make fun of him!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

another one bites the dust

my camera died. i guess 4 years is good for a kodak easyshare. anyway, no more new pictures until i get a new one. hopefully tomorrow or friday, if i can swing a loan from my savings account. i had one picked out and asked my brother-in-law to recommend one...he recommended the exact same one i had already chosen, so it must be pretty good. it may be the same one my mom just got, i'm not sure. pretty strange that the same time i tell her i'm jealous of her new camera...mine dies!

Monday, March 10, 2008

promises promises

here are a few wedding pictures as promised. her nephew is so cute. i can't remember which one is which. i wish her dress showed up better. it was an awesome dress. my kids were much better today without any bomb threats or snow. we get out friday for spring break. i think the teachers are more excited than the kids! i went shopping after work and got a leather jacket for $36! yea! that was pretty much the highlight of my day. nothing happened yesterday after i posted, pretty much slept all day. sounds like a good plan for this weekend, too. but, i'm afraid my mom may have other plans for me!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

would you go with me

ended up going to spring and the wedding alone. kevin bailed out at the last minute. i didn't care, but i wish he had told me sooner, i could've left an hour and a half earlier! got to spring with no problems. watched 20/20 with my aunt and uncle because my uncle went to high school with that guy that's claiming to be jfk's love child. my cousins got home from the aeros game. got up yesterday and my uncle took me and my cousin to lunch. my aunt was at church for a vbs convention and my other cousin was at orientation for his new job as a pool boy at some fancy resort. kevin asked if his uniform includes a speedo, gosh, i hope not! i'm sure he's very happy that the picture of him wearing one when he was on the swim team when he was about 5 is not up in their hallway anymore! i made it to the wedding, it was nice. i got to see old friends i haven't seen in forever and meet some new people. blakely looked gorgeous and scott didn't stop smiling the entire time. he had one of the best groom's cakes i've ever seen...a guitar made out of doughnuts! the slide show even had a picture of him holding a big plate of doughnuts, so i'm guessing he really likes them. the drive home was interesting. i came a really strange way on small highways through even smaller towns. i wish i had gone down highway 21 during the daytime. it goes through the davy crockett forest and there were historical markers everywhere. if i have a day of absolutely nothing to do this summer, i may drive through there again just to see it. when i got home, kevin whisked me away to nerdfest '08...the super smash bros. brawl release party at game stop. someone really should make sure those people at least take a shower before they all gather together in a small store for hours at a time. ewww. i'm just happy that kevin finally got his game. i think i reserved it for him in october for his birthday, but it kept getting pushed back. but, it's finally here, so i probably won't see or hear much from him unless i go in the living room to watch him play. i'll post pictures from the wedding soon, i haven't loaded them yet.

Friday, March 7, 2008

winter wonderland

the school where i work
you gotta take advantage of whatever snow you get!
my poor flowers

so, the week before we get out for spring break, it snows big time. well, big time for our part of texas i gotta finish packing before i'm off to see one of my bestest friends ever get married!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

the memory remains

so, my mom and i took a little trip yesterday. she called and wanted me to ride with her to take my aunt home. my aunt lives with her and my mom's parents. notice i didn't say my grandparents. i haven't been there since thanksgiving '96. i did see them Christmas eve at my other aunt's house. her mom at least talked to me. her dad completely ignored me. my mom said we were just dropping my aunt off, that i didn't have to go in the house. but, when we got there, her mom was waiting outside and wanted my mom to come in and see her dad. this is why MY mom rocks...she immediately said that i was afraid of jake, the big german shepherd that doesn't hurt anyone, and wouldn't get out of the car! so while my mom went in, i sat in the car and waited and remembered...the first picture is the front porch where i tried to shoot my cousin with his bb gun. you can also see the well he tried to throw my sister down. the second picture is the roof of the barn. the same barn he made me go in and reach my hand into a barrel of chicken feed when he knew there were rats running around in the barrel. that at least explains my irrational fear of rodents and makes it seem not so irrational now. that's also where we kept our three rabbits until one was trampled by the pony, one ran away, and mine was sold because it had too many babies. at least that's what we were told. the last picture is of the tree my cousin taught me how to climb and then left me there without telling me how to get down. i didn't get pictures of the shop where my cousin lied about the three wheeler and i went racing out of the shop at top speed not knowing how to drive it or how to stop. the trampoline we jumped on until he accidentally busted my lip isn't there anymore. and i didn't get a picture of the back porch where i was sitting when my parents told me that Poppa had died. That's my dad's dad. My good grandfather. the one that loved me. never will understand why he died when i was 11 and my sister and i were left with the other one that disowned us and is too mean to die. so, yeah, great trip down memory lane. i'm sure some good stuff had to have happened there, but other than playing with the video camera and watching disney channel on the big screen tv, i don't really remember anything. at least some of the trees were pretty.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


i was gonna post, but i spent my itunes card instead...more tomorrow...taks writing is tomorrow...i'm way nervous.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


so, yesterday my mom and i were gone to canton. got a few things for the house, my mom didn't get anything, but it was still a lot of fun. last night we went to texas roadhouse and it was so good. saw some of my sisters oldest friends from school, made me wish she was here. that's got to be one of my favorite places to eat. definitely top 3, maybe number 1. after dinner we went by to see our friends at their new house. they are supposed to be moved out of their apartment by wednesday, but they haven't moved much. their house it starting to look a lot better. they've had to rip up carpet, put in new ceiling fans, paint EVERYTHING, take out paneling and patch the walls, rebuild some's crazy. their help has pretty much bailed on them, so i hope they know what they are doing. this morning i slept in. i just finished watching gone baby gone. i liked it, but i have a hard time understanding people with boston accents sometimes! now, if i can get banjo outside, i'm going to make some biscuits and bacon...yummy!