Tuesday, August 10, 2010

it's not over

finally went with a new look on my blog.  some people thought the stripes made it too hard to read my posts!  summer is almost over, my classroom is almost ready, we go back to work on monday.  scout is kicking all over the place.  he kicked the heart monitor yesterday at my check up!  i think he already has more clothes than his dad!  next month i have to take the glucose test and have blood work done.  i hate having blood taken so i really hope the test works out and i don't have to take another one!  i know i'll be getting all kinds of iv's and shots when i'm having scout, but that's different.  i'll be preoccupied.  i don't like going to the lab and having to wait for them to call me back so they can stick me.  i am so ready for fall...these 100+ temps everyday are getting old!  i have to go to the grocery store later, but for now, i'm going to go watch tv and try to work on getting my 14 glasses of water!  really hard for someone who drank no water at all before she was pregnant!