Saturday, February 28, 2009

happy birthday to you

it's my dad's birthday! and i sleep in on saturdays so i was the last one to put a birthday post up.
it's hard to get pictures of him not in his serious man pose, but i found some! at bean and j-baby's wedding...

when we went to houston to see bean last spring when j-baby had a film festival...
last sunday at the daffodil farm...he didn't know i took this

and this was at Christmas, there are probably very few if any other pictures of him making this face, but i'm sure that's what he's thinking every time we get out the camera!

happy 52!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

water runs dry

not much to say, but i wanted to post. not having any water for 25 hours is pretty bad. especially when we tried to have school yesterday. and a 3 1/2 hour school day is just crazy. today was much calmer with the track teams leaving early and having working toilets. i was pretty productive after work, too. i finally got my oil changed for the first time since last april, i cleaned out my car for the first time since....however long my sister and brother-in-law have been married. the vases from their wedding flowers were still in my trunk! i did some yard work, worked on a blanket, and made breakfast for dinner! if you haven't read beka's babblings yet, go read it and leave some comments to get her motivated to blog. then go to especially if you or someone you know is pregnant; which right now includes so many people that i've lost track.

Monday, February 23, 2009

daffodil lament

if you saw my mom's blog, you already know i went to the daffodil farm yesterday. her camera batteries died, so i have more pictures than she does. i have a really funny one of her, but she made me promise not to post it on here.

i like playing with my color accent feature, flowers are good for that. not much else to talk about now. oh yeah, except that i watched the oscars last night and i picked 16 of the 24 winners. it took k-dogg a while before he finally asked what website i had used to help me. i told him i didn't use a website...i read entertainment weekly! today was fairly uneventful at work and then i pulled weeds for 30 minutes when i got home from work. it's fun when i can give each weed a different 7th graders name! a few might have been named after adults too!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

what up, what's haapnin'?

before you say anything...yes, i spelled the title of my blog correctly. it's a t.i. song. k-dogg got me a itunes card for valentine's day and i used it to buy the latest t.i. album, pantera, disturbed, styx, and heart. is everyone's music tastes as diverse as mine? i've still got a little credit left, we'll see what i'm in the mood for. ok, picture time. shelly wanted to see a picture of my new shoes.

this is the best i could get. see, brown on the toe and the heel. then the burgandyish color and the navy in between. i wore them to work wednesday. pretty comfortable for dress shoes. bean won't be back here until maybe Christmas, so i wanted to show her our new bed stuff and the new lamp in our bedroom.

i got the bedding on the curtains were on clearance at target. the lamp was half price at hobby lobby. and the placemat under the lamp was also on clearance at target. we use a black tv tray for a table for our clock and the lamp in our room, so i got that placemat to make it fancier and actually match! i got some new stuff for the walls, too. when i get them hung up, i'll take more pictures. other than redecorating, i've spent most of my free time working on fleece blankets. i've sold 2 of them at work and the others are all gifts for all these pregnant people i know right now. so shelly and queen of everything...guess what you're getting!?!?! anyway, i just got the whole afternoon all to myself, k-dogg got invited to go play paintball so he just left in full camo and his old motorcycle boots. he even has a jacket with our last name on it that we found at the army navy store! i'm going to go pick up some cleaning stuff and get the backpack he wants for his trip to japan. yes, my crazy husband is going to tokyo this summer for vacation. i just hope he remembers to eat. when i got to mexico for 9 days, i really don't think he eats anything but peanut butter crackers and pop tarts! i'm going to see my sister in 3 weeks!

Monday, February 16, 2009

a southern thing

yea! i got new shoes today. not that i needed them...i was actually looking for black boots on sale, but i didn't see any. i ended up with some patent leather flats that are brown, navy, and burgandy with a big silver buckle...not at all what i needed. i decided i want to throw out all of my work clothes and buy all new clothes at penney's and dillards, but that won't happen! it's just been a long time since i've been to those stores. they had a lot of good stuff. i got a lot of new stuff for our bedroom. i need to take a picture of the new comforter set, but i'm going to wait until i get the whole room finished and cleaned up. i got to go shopping because i had jury duty this morning. i got dismissed at 12:30 and didn't have to go back to work, so my dad took me to lunch and then i went shopping. i was hoping i would get chosen for jury duty. i was close, but didn't get picked. most people would like to get OUT of jury duty...but i have always wanted to be on a jury at least once. i'm sure it's from reading so much john grisham and watching all those crime shows and stuff on tv. the better than ezra song i used for my title reminds me of a john grisham novel, so that's why i used it. it was on my ipod and works much better than unskinny bop, which is what's playing now! i do NOT want to go back to work tomorrow, i think february is the worst month of school. Christmas break was too long ago and spring break isn't soon enough. actually, it's in less than a month, but that still seems so far away! i can't wait to go to california! my valentine's day was pretty boring. we had to go out to eat fried catfish for k-dogg's grandma's 80th b-day. yes, that's the family with all of the boyfriends and girlfriends and his cousins that really make you wonder...
anyway, i gotta go see if the big bang theory is new tonight!

Monday, February 9, 2009


i stole this from my friend's facebook...

1. Your Rock Star Name: (first pet & current car)
Happy Focus

2. Your Gangsta Name: (Favorite ice cream flavor, favorite cookie)
Mint Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip

3. Your Fly Guy/Girl Name: (first initial of first name, first 3 letters of your last name)

4. Your Detective Name: (favorite color, favorite animal)
Black Frog

5. Your Soap Opera Name: (middle name, street you grew up on*)
Leann Hampton

6. Your Star Wars Name: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name)

7. Your Superhero Name: ("The" + second favorite color, favorite drink)
The Gray Mudslide or The Gray Coca-Cola

8. Your Nascar Name: (the first names of your grandfathers)
Kenneth Charles although Kenny Bobby would be more accurate for Nascar

9. Your Stripper Name: (the name of your favorite perfume/scent, favorite candy)
Vanilla Twix

10. Your Witness Protection Name: (mother's and father's middle names)
Lea Wayne

11. Your TV Weather/Anchor Name: (your 5th grade teacher's last name, a major city that begins with the same letter)
Lyles London

* i changed that one...everyone knows your soap opera name is your middle name and the street you grew up on...this had the town where you were born!

i am SO ready for spring break...california!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

welcome to the machine

i want a sewing machine. i haven't sewed since my apparel class in high school. i think i'd mostly be using it for crafts and stuff like that. don't really see myself sewing too many of my own clothes! any suggestions?