Sunday, August 31, 2008

them changes

we just got home from spending about 2 hours in lowe's! we got mulch for some of the flower beds, lights for the patio, solar garden lights, a new light fixture for the pirate bathroom, knobs for the doors and drawers in the pirate bathroom, a birdfeeder, hummingbird food, paint for my craft/guest room, paint for the trim in k-dogg's office, a level, and a hammer (cause i can never find our hammer when in need it). i'll try to take before and after pictures while we're working on all these new projects. after pictures are easy, but i usually forget the before pictures which lessens the impact of the after pics. my first week back at school was great. my kids behaved so well that it was scary. i went to our first football game of the year thursday night and we won! it's still too hot for football. i think the heat index was about 96 at kickoff for the jv game! but, it's labor day weekend, so it's getting closer to my favorite time of the year. my favorite time of year is from october to the end of the year. i don't like halloween much, but k-dogg loves it. he wants to be in charge of decorating for halloween this year. i'm a little worried. he doesn't think my pumpkins and teddy bear dressed like a ghost count as good halloween decorations. one year we had a life size rubber skeleton, but one of our friends wanted to see what would happen if he threw it against the side of a moving bus, so it doesn't stand or sit very well anymore! i'm going to go finish my book, wonderful tonight by patti boyd. i've read all the way through when she was with george harrison and now she's married to eric clapton and is about to leave him. if you're interested in british rock from the sixties and seventies, you should read it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


head first, back to work tomorrow morning. i've really already been at work for a week. but it doesn't really feel like work until the kids come back. otherwise, what's the point? got my alarm set, have my clothes picked out, stocked up on honeybuns and cokes yesterday...breakfast of champions! i have morning cafeteria duty this year...yuck. they switched me with someone because that person doesn't think she can get to work by 7:30. i wouldn't mind trading with someone that has kids, i know it's hard for them to get to work. but, that's not the case with this one...oh well. i guess i can't sleep til 7:15 anymore! i'm taking full advantage of my last day. i woke up for church, but then my mom texted me and said she wasn't going, so i went back to bed and got up after noon. i'm still in my pajamas (i got new pajama pants...with hannah montana on them!) and eating some nacho cheese doritos. the only thing on my agenda is to paint my toenails later and watch army wives tonight. no diving today, just floating in the lazy river!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was tagged by my mom, to do my A-Z story. Here we go a thru z........

A. Attached or Single? Attached...8 years...married almost 6

B. Best Friend? k-dogg and bean

C. Cake or Pie? cheesecake

D. Day of Choice? saturday...sleep late...go shopping

E. Essential Item? my meds!

F. Flavor of Ice Cream? i prefer strawberry sorbet

G. Gummy Bears or Worms? there's never been a cartoon based on gummy worms...

H. Hometown? doesn't everyone have one?

I. Indulgences?

J. January or July? january has better clothes...july has the better work schedule

K. Kids? a few hundred at work and about 4 or 5 at church...those are the best because they go home with their parents!

L. Last Movie I Saw In A Theater? the dark knight

M. Middle Name? Leann

N. Number of Siblings? uno

O. Oranges or Apples? oranges...because for years and years i couldn't eat them and now i can!

P. Phobia or Fear? i have musophobia...bonus points if you find out what that means

Q. Quote? are we there yet?

R. Reason to Smile? k-dogg

S. Season? football...thanksgiving

T. Tag Four More? YOU'RE IT!!! I'm tagging kingdom of the birds, dyessfamchronicles, cates capers, and bex's ramblings Actually, Just because I can,for my 5th person I tag YOU, if you want to participate, jump right in! Join the fun and be sure to link back to me!!

U. Unknown Fact About Me? i have a miranda lambert song on my ipod

V. Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? big time oppressor...if we were only supposed to be vegetarians...we wouldn't need canine teeth!

W. Worst Habit? coca-cola

X. X-Rays or Ultra-Sounds? never had an ultra-sound, but i've had so many x-rays in probably glow in the dark

Y. Your Favorite Food? pasta

Z. Zodiac? taurus...not that it matters

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

stand by your man

our motivational speaker at our district meeting this morning was the gatlin brothers little sister. it was pretty boring. she also sang some songs from when she was in school and i only recognized three of them, but only knew for sure who sang one of them. (thanks to my uncle making me listen to james taylor) one was the title of my blog. i can't stand this song, but some of my readers and friends have commented on my post about dinner with my in-laws. that song title pretty much explains why i make myself go to those things! so, what's the deal with all the boyfriends? let's in-laws divorced almost 3 years ago. i never have exactly found out why, because k-dogg is the baby of the family so no one tells him anything. he's an only child and basically an only grandchild. that explains a lot! anyway, his dad recently bought a house with his girlfriend. she's actually the aunt of one of k-dogg's best friends, so i thought he would accept the whole thing pretty well, but it's usually ignored. but, she does buy the best Christmas gifts out of anyone involved with those celebrations! i've never met my f-i-l's dad. he lives here, and he sent us a gift when we got married, but that's it. my f-i-l's mom chooses not to get remarried for social security reasons...i don't even ask or want to understand anything about her current companion and date to all family events. it's just strange to me. k-dogg's uncle has a son that i've never met and an ex-wife that i really liked when i met her at a funeral. and his aunt lives with her boyfriend, they are moving to a new place soon. i'm not sure why they aren't married, unless they just figure it doesn't matter as old as they are. so for some reason, they decided to all gather for lunch this past saturday. i pretty much just keep my head down and eat. i'm sure to a fly on the would be interesting. a public dinner with either side of my family would probably be even more entertaining to an outsider. but, i would hate for anyone to have to witness that!

now i must go get ready for my newest guilty pleasure...the secret life of the american teenager. followed by sunday night's episode of army wives!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

baby, please don't go

does anyone REALLY like going to dinner in public with their inlaws? i mean ALL of them...fil, his girlfriend, grandma in law and her boyfriend, aunt and her boyfriend, and the uncle in law? so not the way i would choose to spend my saturday afternoon, but off i must go. yippee.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

here i go again

i'm sick of workshops and meetings already. too bad i have a whole week of them next week. why can't we just have two days to get our rooms ready, and then send in the kids? i have a lot of other things i could be doing. like all of the stuff still on my list of things to do this summer. clean my craft room, my patio, my car. or i could go visit my sister. not very fond of california, but it would be infinitely better than sitting in the high school library all day! other than getting ready for work and becoming addicted to facebook, not much else is happening. we've been watching the olympics every night and it hasn't even gotten to my favorite part yet, track and field. i am enjoying watching michael phelps win a lot. my favorite part of swimming is when they get to the end of the pool and flip to go the other way. that's awesome! off to bed now, i don't like being up alone.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

no more drama

not much happened this week. my mom has been really sick, so that knocks out a lot of shopping. i've not been feeling 100% ever since i got home from mexico. major family drama. i did get to go shopping yesterday and got some really good deals...i got a new lampshade for $2.40. 90% off at lowe's, yea! my mom and i discovered this week that patent leather is going to be "in" this fall and i got a new black leather purse with patent trim 80% off yesterday! score! we went to dinner last night at the best pizza place around. this morning i woke up around 10, jumped out of bed and started doing laundry and planned to go out again. then around 11:30 i went back to bed and didn't wake up again until 3:30! i guess i needed to sleep more than i needed to shop. i need to get over feeling run down and worrying about all the drama before i go back to work full-time on the 18th. this week i just have 2 days of workshops...nothing big.

Monday, August 4, 2008


So, this is just a sample of my pictures from Mexico.

Friday, August 1, 2008

love heals your heart

I've been busy since I got home from Mexico. I'm still trying to print all of my pictures, I ran out of when I get more, I'll finish. I've finally finished two or three mounds of laundry. I got sick almost as soon as I got home Sunday night and today is really the first day I've felt normal again. Physically...we all know I've never been normal mentally! K-dogg went back to work on Wednesday, but he had today off so we went shopping just to get away for a few hours before he gets back to his regular schedule. I can't just skip over what's been going on, so I'm going to blog about it once, and then that will probably be it. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am going to be an aunt. Well, someday I probably will, just not now. The week I was getting ready for Mexico, Bean had to go to the emergency room. They thought she was losing the baby. Friday afternoon while I was on the bus to Mexico, she went to the doctor and found out for sure. God had me in the best place possible. I was on my way to another country, way out of my normal situation and schedule. I was too busy to sit around by myself and get depressed about it, and I was surrounded by 55 other people from our church that prayed for our family the whole time. Bean's younger brother-in-law was with me and everyone at the church in Mexico loves my sister and her husband, so it was a good place to be. And I hope you paid attention to this post because this is probably the only time I'll discuss it. My first niece or nephew is in heaven, and one day I'll get to meet them, just not now. Anyway...
Mexico was amazing. I met so many little kids and also got to know more people from my own church. I had several good examples of families to watch and learn from all week. From one, I learned how I want to raise my kids, from the other I learned how I DON'T want to raise my family! :) I found out where they sell Dr. Pepper in Mexico! I found three or four kids I would've wanted to bring back with us! I got to see my friend, Isaac, eat french toast for the first time...he had never had it before and he loved it. Oh, and I definitely found out that I really like 7th and 8th graders and below, but 10th grade girls...not so much!

My favorite kid at the mission church and my favorite kid at the main church. I can barely pronounce either one of their names!
I NEVER see sunrise in America, so I figured I better get a picture of it on my way to breakfast! More to come, I have way too many to choose from!