Monday, October 27, 2008


i finally took pictures of the socks i got from the queenofeverything in the sock swap! i like them all, but the frog-u-la ones are my favorites. i'm going to wear them friday. and i think i may wear the pink ones on thursday for colorful sock day. it's red ribbon week at school. today was don't let drugs tie you down, so we wore ties. i looked like a hostess at olive garden in my black pants and shirt with a tie. i wore my dad's grateful dead tie with egyptian hieroglyphics. one of my students asked if my tie had kitchen utensils on it! normally, i'd be getting ready for bed, but the titans are on monday night football so i need to stay up to see if i can talk smack tomorrow or if i'll have to listen to a bunch of smack. being a titans fan where i live is not easy. even though they are the only undefeated team left in the nfl right now, everyone still bugs me for liking them over the cowboys. below is my real favorite team. i took some pictures of the drum battle and the game from friday. i can't believe some of those huge football players used to be in my class when they were 6th graders! i tell everyone that #22 learned everything he knows from me. he is awesome! i wish i was going to california to see bean this weekend, but she'll be here right before Christmas!

Friday, October 24, 2008

we didn't start the fire

i got my socks in the mail from the swap this week. i'll take pictures sometime this weekend. i'm not sure where my camera is right now. i have two ideas for the masquerade ball. they haven't advertised it at school yet, but i think they're still having it. yesterday was great. i went to a workshop that started at 9 and was over at 2. and we had 1 1/2 hours for lunch! i got to take a nap for over two hours and i'm halfway finished with twilight now. to balance out reading that...i ordered 9 books online today and it was only $24! yea for being a teacher and getting the cheap catalogs at school! every thing i ordered is either stuff i read in high school and college or stuff i probably SHOULD have read in college. i never really was too impressed with kc's english department. utt was WAY better. today was going ok until i left my kids just long enough for a quick trip to the restroom and when i got room smelled like matches! one kid finally said he found a match on the floor and tried to strike it on a girl's notebook...not buying it! my room gets cleaned between 4th and 5th. my 5th period is good enough that if they had seen a match on the floor, they would have turned it in to me. the match was supposedly found 6th period. i never did find out what really happened. i just emailed the assistant principal and gave him everyone's name from that class and what they told me. i really think one of them was totally clueless. he never knows what's going on anytime. gotta go bundle up and get ready for the football game!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I need a cheap and easy idea for the middle school masquerade ball. It will be part of a very busy weekend. We have a football game against our arch nemesis on halloween night, of course k-dogg will want to celebrate with friends, my parents are leaving to see my sister, the holiday tea at church is that saturday and my table has to be decorated either thursday or friday night. and...then we have the masquerade ball that saturday night! there's also a wedding that weekend that i just heard about, but i doubt i'll have time to go. if you have any ideas, please, do not suggest anything that involves wearing a sweatsuit or a trash bag...i've heard all of those costume ideas and don't like any of them. i'm also not a fan of scary costumes. i'm thinking of searching goodwill or going through my old clothes. any other ideas????

Saturday, October 18, 2008

whatever you like

i went antique shopping today with k-dogg and my mom. took advantage of living in the antique capital of east texas. not sure i remember the last time the three of us went shopping together! i didn't buy anything there, but my mom found $20 on the ground, so we went to lunch at jason's deli. then we went to target and tjmaxx. my mom was on a mission for a blue colander she saw last weekend. she found an old one at one of the antique stores, so she ended up with 3 i think. i got a purse because k-dogg shares t.i.'s philosophy and lets me get whatever i like. we just don't quite have the same budget t.i. does! anyway, i got a little crafty this week and fixed up a plain silver candle holder i bought on clearance at hobbylobby this summer and a plain brown frame i got on clearance at target. i'm addicted to scrapbook paper and redoing stuff right now!

my new marc ecko red purse

the candle holder before and after, now i just need another square candle!

the before and after of my picture frame. i still don't have a craft table!

only in east texas!
documented proof that my husband and my mom went antique shopping together!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

one week

so glad to see all of my blog friends were so worried about me choking myself with my ipod! :) anyway, nothing has really been going on. i went shopping last weekend even though i said i wasn't going to spend money. sunday i slept in and then did stuff around the house. monday i went to work, came home and took a nap. yesterday i went to work and then went to a go girls porch party. our family friend, anita, made me laugh so hard my stomach was hurting. i learned to not ever buy pantyhose at a garage sale. even if they have never been used, they may fall apart! today i went to work, came home and took a nap. i only woke up because i am itching all over and i don't know why! i told one of my friends at school that i am going to run away tomorrow at 6th period. i love my morning classes and 5th period. 6th and 8th are just horrible. i was so mad at my boys 6th period that i sent two of them to finish their work with one of the coaches and wrote an email to the head coach and the counselor telling them i want these boys out of my class! after a 10 minute push up and a public apology, they should be better tomorrow! being friends with the coaches is such a good thing! other than that and discovering, nothing else has been going on. i don't have anything planned this weekend other than football.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


just so you's not a good idea to fall asleep while your ipod is still on. i have a sleep playlist. i listen to it to calm me down and get me to sleep when my mind is too busy. i think there are 12 songs on it and i remember listening to the first 9 last night. next thing i know, it's around 2:30 am, and i'm awake because my shoulder and my neck feel funny. guess it could be the ear buds cord that has wrapped around my neck and my right shoulder. and somehow, one of the ear buds was still in my ear. that's a feat when i'm awake, i don't know how it stayed there while i was asleep! this week at work has been pretty uneventful. essays, library day, and now i'm giving benchmarks. tomorrow we are going to the high school pep rally. i don't like going to those. the ones at the middle school are long enough. getting all of our students onto the buses, getting them seated in the gym, and then making sure they all catch the bus at the high school or get on the bus back to the middle school to be picked up is a nightmare. i can't go shopping this weekend so my plans are to go to the football game tomorrow night and then work on projects around the house. if my mom decides to go shopping, i guess i can go and just not buy anything. we'll see!

Monday, October 6, 2008

ain't nothin' wrong with that

just in case you ever wondered what i look like while i'm bored at my computer waiting for the big bang theory to come on and listening to one of my favorite songs......

there ya go...wonder no more!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

three little birds

i'm back from trade days. way, way, way too many people, but i still got two good things. maybe i'll post pictures of them later. i'm too lazy to take pictures right now. anyway, i found something to do with my glitter birds. they're on the mantle in my living room. i stuffed some fall leaves from michaels into the tall tea light holders i got for Christmas last year and then sat them on top. it turned out way cute. i also wanted to show everyone my longhorns garden gnome. he's supposed to go outside, but my mom stuck him by the tv and the longhorns haven't lost a game yet, so he will be sitting next to the tv as long as they keep winning! i went to see my cousin cheer again last night. i'm so glad i didn't go to that school when i was in school! backwards, racist, redneck trash, not to mention they got their butts kicked! oh well, i was going to post a picture of her, but after i just said that about her school, i think i'll wait til another post! tell me what you think of my glitter birds. oh, and my eye is a lot better today.

99 red balloons

ok, so none of them were red, and there were over 1000, but see what happens when you try to do something fun for your students...we played water balloon dodge ball which meant kids bought balloons for 50 cents each and got to throw them at about 10 of us teachers. we could only throw back whatever didn't break when they threw a balloon at us! so it was about 10 unarmed teachers against at least 30 kids at a time armed with water balloons! it was fun until i got hit in the eye.

more later, i gotta get ready to go to canton!