Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i took this the other morning when the weather was weird and made all the spider webs show up. k-dogg doesn't like spiders, but the spider wasn't around when i took this. i went back to look that afternoon, and it was home. i just posted yesterday, so i don't have much new to say. i'm working on a new blanket. this one is a big one and it's actually an order from someone i don't even know. then i have some more small ones to make. just finished watching american idol. i voted for danny and kris. adam is just eeww. my mom said he looks like eddie munster. i told her that's true, except adam wears more make up. megan joy needs to be gone! tomorrow is april fool's day. not one of my favorite days for teaching at a middle school. it was pretty funny last year when one of my students freaked out about it being april fool's and then thought she was good since she remembered to wear green! gotta love that family! gotta go look at itunes and maybe add to my netflix. hope you all survive tomorrow unscathed!

Monday, March 30, 2009

the pirates that don't do anything

i had a whole post typed...but something happened and it disappeared. i'll retype it at home this evening.

ok, let's try this again. i was glad to have a weekend at home. i like traveling, but i like staying home and not having plans, too. friday night we went to texas roadhouse...it's always good. saturday my mom and i went to a kinda baby shower for my friend shelly. i haven't seen shelly since high school. her family is so nice and her 3 kids and all her nephews are so cute and well-behaved. 8 kids and 3 babies in a small house could have been horrible, but i actually had a good time. a weekend at home usually means shopping. i got a huge new ring and some earrings. saturday night was at pizza hut. it's always so empty when we go there. i love it. i also watched role models and into the wild. guess which one i chose and which one k-dogg chose...we are really liking netflix even if he does get to pick stupid movies! k-dogg decided he likes the shower curtain that i like, so i got to order it today! that means the pirate bathroom is moving out to the apartment bathroom and i get to redecorate. not a lot to do, i bought a new rug at walmart and once i get the pirates out, i'll start buying a few decorations and a picture or something. after 4 years, i'm tired of the pirates. so, we're going from this...

to this! i'm so happy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

nothin' but a good time

just some more pictures from my trip to ojai. the otters at the zoo are named merry and pippin after the hobbits from lord of the rings. the statue is called the early bird shopper. it's in the plaza downtown. and that is one of the roundest cacti i have ever seen! i have had a great spring break. tonight we are going to see a movie i don't really want to see. it wouldn't be my choice, but we're going with auttie and dcam and i haven't seen them in a long time. k-dogg and i watched burn after reading last night. i'll watch anything with brad pitt, but it was such a weird movie! tomorrow i have to leave for a language arts TEKS conference in austin....can't you feel the excitement? i'm hoping i have time to go somewhere and get twilight on dvd today. i got a team jacob shirt yesterday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

stuck in ojai

yep, i found a song called stuck in ojai! not a bad place if you're stuck there. anyway, i got home around 3:30 this afternoon. took a nap, k-dogg's family woke me up from calling him and then my mom called me. after my nap was cut short i loaded my pictures and we went to pizza hut so we could be back in time to watch lost. i took close to 150 pictures, but these are some of my favorites. east texas is taking revenge on me by attacking my allergies, so i'm fixin to drink some hot tea and go to bed soon. in my bed...not on my sister's couch and i can sleep as late as i want...and the best part is...we don't own a coffee grinder. i despise those things! a cold coke is a much better way to wake up!

ojai, see i told you it wasn't a bad place to be stuck!

no, the don't have meerkats...the santa barbara zoo does.

i have never seen a cactus like this, it was in a cactus garden in front of an art gallery

this appears to be a regular sunday afternoon happening. these people (and 1 iguana) meet at the park downtown. the guys play drums while the girls hula hoop.

this is lake casitas near ojai.

and this was a little friend i found at the lake.

this is the ojai post office. there's a staircase on the front of the building so you can climb to the tower, but it said enter at your own risk and since i was there alone...i didn't want to risk it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i'm still in california.  i'll be home tomorrow and then i'll post pictures then or thursday.  i went in to town by myself this morning.  four hours later...i'm back at bean's cottage alone until they get back from work.  i liked riding the trolley from the cottage to downtown.  i got to see a lot of ojai and it's only 50 cents!  i have shopped til i have dropped this week.  sunday we went downtown and then drove to the outlets in camarillo...yea...new vans!  got some t's and a cardigan from vans and j crew.  yesterday we went to the santa barbara zoo and to the shopping district in sb.  got some good pictures and stuff at the gift shop.  then we went out to eat last night and i ate fried duck and a kobe beef burger.  best hamburger meat i have ever tasted...not a big fried duck fan, but it was something different!  today i went out on my own and took a lot of pictures, bought k-dogg another present, got bean and j-baby something, got some tokyo milk lip gloss!!!!!  had lunch from the convenient store, bought some books at the used book store that's owned by the library.  i found a book i really wanted to get my mom and dad...it's a really old hardback copy of pilgrim's progress.  i couldn't find a date anywhere in it...but it was $50...i got my 3 books for $3.50...so that should tell you how special that copy was.  oh well, i got a picture of the cover with my cell phone.  saw the most outrageous old lady at the trolley stop.  black heels, white shirt, kelly green skirt, green nails, green sparkly hat, green and white earrings, a blinking shamrock pin and a plastic green shamrock ring that said happy st. patricks day!  i wish i could have gotten a picture, but i didn't want to ask if i could take her picture and it was too shadowey under the trolley stop to sneak one.  wanted to go to in-out burger, but probably won't make it.  ojai doesn't allow hardly any franchises in the town.  they do have a jersey mike's, a von's grocery store, and an ace hardware, but that's it...everything else is local.  oh well.  i'm not looking forward to leaving for the airport at 4:30am tomorrow, but i am ready to see k-dogg , sleep in my bed instead of on bean's couch, and use the restroom without an audience!  i like california better now than last time...but texas still is the best!

Friday, March 13, 2009

going back to cali

so, spring break has begun. hard to tell since it's 39 right now and it's been raining since....tuesday or wednesday. i'm seriously about to start looking for some pale gorgeous people or some really big native american guys because i feel like i'm in forks! i have already taken a nap, gone to middle school cheerleader tryouts (yea for my girls!) and been out to eat. k-dogg and i started netflix this week and got two movies today so we're fixin' to watch burn after reading. i think while he's still on the computer, i'm going to go pack. this time tomorrow i'll be somewhere over west texas! not even 1% chance of rain while i'm in california visiting bean! i can't wait! posts and pics when i return!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


exactly what i wanted to do after watching american idol tonight. so pitiful. i voted for michael just because he's from east texas. michael jackson songs should be off limits. danny sounded good, but taylor hicks is proof of what happens when a soul singer wins ai. and maybe since i only watched one round of the top 36 i missed out on something...but i don't get what they all thought was so great about adam. his phrasing was weird and his look has been so overdone. anyway, enough about that. i wanted to share some pictures i took monday. especially since it's supposed to be cold again the next three days. i don't really care what it does for a few days after that since i'll be in california! woohoo!

this is the hydrangea bush that i'm hoping survives the cool weather this week.

i took these in my yard. i didn't even know the flowers were out front until my mom told me. the daffodils bloom first, then these, then some purple flowers later.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

life goes on

i really didn't mean to wait almost a whole week to post! taks writing was tuesday. that's the time i really do not like being a 7th grade teacher and head of the reading and writing department. my mom and i went shopping tuesday afternoon as a taks stress reliever. i got a really cool necklace that i need to take a picture of. we went to pier one and got some candles. wednesday i went shopping after work again! so that was trip 2 to pier one. they still didn't have the candle holder my mom had been wanting. thursday i had to go to the dentist after work and then go help at the track meet. i don't think i've ever been to a track meet that was completely finished by 8pm! friday we went to see the watchmen movie. k-dogg liked it, i hated it. if i hadn't been there just because i knew how much k-dogg wanted me to go with him, i would've walked out. it was so stupid, way too long, and had way to much rated R-ness. we got there really early so we made up a new guessing game where we tried to guess which movie people were going to buy tickets for before they said anything. we got a lot of them right, the old woman going to see the reader, the black couple going to see madea goes to jail, the nerds going to the watchmen. the funniest one was this older man wearing a marines cap. we both guessed he was going to see gran torino. we were very surprised when he got a ticket for he's just not that in to you! anyway, it was a fun way to waste time. and the country hash browns with sour cream, chives, bacon, and cheese from ihop almost made going to the movie worth it! yesterday, my mom and i shopped til we dropped. we went to pier one agin, they finally had the candle holder she-d been waiting on, and she decided she didn't like it! then k-dogg and i went out to eat with one of his friends. we went to an asian bistro and sushi bar. our waitress was really nice and helped us figure out what to order. k-dogg ordered big eye tuna sushi. we both liked it and he liked the soup he ordered too, so now he's thinking he may actually not starve when he goes to japan. he booked his trip today! i don't know which is crazier, that he's going to japan for over a week by himself, or that i'm staying here for over a week by myself! i'm going to be so bored. spring break starts friday and i am going to see my sister in california! i can't wait!

Monday, March 2, 2009

i like to move it

wow, learn something new everyday...i didn't know ANYTHING was this week other than the TAKS writing test! anyway, go read my mom's blog about multiple sclerosis. i can't think of that song without picturing the a-team singing it at the pool in mexico! in other news, i changed my hair color again, i have to go to the dentist and work at a track meet this week, and we're going to see the watchmen this weekend. one of my students and three of my students from last year are in a whole lot of trouble right now. shelly is addicted to blogging...who blogs after their water breaks and they're about to have a baby?!?!?! it's getting close to spring break...and i just added five michael jackson songs to my ipod...who's bad? :)