Wednesday, September 30, 2009

appels + oranjes

bean thinks i never post anymore...kinda true. by the time i think to blog, i'm either too tired or my computer is acting goofy. but i do have a couple of stories to share...

yesterday my kids were asking me. once again, why i don't have children. after one said i already look pregnant (won't be wearing that shirt for awhile!), and another said i should have kids so that when my husband leaves me i'll still have someone to hang out with at home...this little oddball says," maybe she'll be like johnny appleseed. he never had no kids. he just walked around the world planting apple seeds and no one bugged him." what!!?!?!?! i get the reason johnny appleseed was on his brain. they read about him in the library last week for his birthday. i do not get how he made that connection, though!

today my kids were making character bags. they were supposed to decorate the outside with words and drawings that would help others identify the bag's owner. they were supposed to put items that represent inside character traits inside the bag. so, our kid with a serious gas problem holds up his bag and says, "everyone will know who's bag this is..." he had written "has a stomach problem and farts and farts a lot!" he got to make a new bag since these will be out for open house, but i kept his original bag to remind me of my first year teaching 4th grade!

a lot of other funny stuff has happened in class, but i can't remember anything else right now. we just chased two pink lizards around k-dogg's office and the hallway!

Monday, September 21, 2009

too tired

church, sleep, work, walmart, zone out in front of tv, sleep work, zone out or go out, sleep. work late, youth, sleep, work, meeting, football or zone out, sleep work, football or movies, sleep, shop or movies, and watch football...repeat over and over while puffing on my inhaler, using the neti pot, and doing anything i can to get rid of this mess...except getting enough rest.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

please mr. postman

i found out way more about my neighbor than i ever wanted to know. i stopped at the mailbox on my way shopping this afternoon. it was kinda raining and i was in a hurry, so i just grabbed everything at once. i wouldn't have even looked at the mail, but i noticed the red postcard that means you have an overdue water bill. we paid our water bill on time, so i looked closer. then i saw that it wasn't mine, it was a neighbor's. so i looked at the rest of the mail. none of it was i now know that my neighbor didn't pay the water bill on time, i know what kind of credit card he/she has, and my neighbor's son get a certain magazine from hugh heffner sent there even though he doesn't live there! way more than i ever needed to know! we ended up not even getting any mail!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


School is going great. Nothing exploded in my car this week! Eventually, I'm going to get used to getting up early again. Then maybe I won't be so tired all the time. I go to bed at a decent time...I just have a problem not slowing down from about 6am-9:30pm most nights. I was supposed to rest all weekend, but I still went to the football game, Canton, HobbyLobby, and then went to see the Brad Pitt movie for the second Saturday in a row. Very good movie...very funny...definitely not for everyone, especially if you've never seen a Quentin Tarantino movie. Sunday, I didn't go anywhere except CVS and that was only for cokes and cold medicine. I really with the Texas game hadn't been on PPV this weekend. I would have loved to see them win that big and maybe see someone I know playing for ULM. I'm ready for cooler weather. It is too hot at recess and I like playing tetherball.