Saturday, August 27, 2011


Gee, it's been awhile since i've done the letter thing! many times can you watch the same movie?  bean and i watched this movie over and over when i was in high school and college.  we used to quote it all the time..."peachy keen, jelly bean!"  she even dated the guy that played danny zuko in their school production!  it's so goofy and cheesy, but it's nothing compared to Grease 2!

 Good...the song by better than that song!

Gray...i told my students on tuesday that gray was my favorite color and they were not impressed.  one kid even said gray doesn't count as a color!  i have a feeling he's not going to think much of my fall and winter wardrobe!

Grover...more specifically, super grover...the man, the myth, the legend!  my real favorite superhero.  and scout looks so cute in his super grover tshirt!

Gladewater...yeah, i know.  there are many many places that would be much better to live.  what can i say, you go with what you know.  many of it's residents are seriously lacking "culture and refinement,"  the water is awful, it's small, having to go to the drugstore or grocery store in town is usually the last thing i want to do...but it's home!


Sunday, August 14, 2011


These are all from 2006 and 2008!  But, they are my favorite pictures of each one of the Alexanders.  Chad in one of many embarrassing outfits he wore for VBS.  Ashley in Mexico looking just like her momma.  Kelly singing at IPB in San Buena. many missionaries have you ever seen with a paci?  Austin asleep on my lap during Bible School in San Buena, right after we had had a conversation about how I knew him.  FBC Lake Jackson is getting 3 of my favorite kids in the world.  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

shoulder lean

my left shoulder has not been quite the same since i had Scout.  it was a very difficult labor.  his cord was wrapped around his neck and to try to get it unwrapped, they would shove pillows under me to prop up one side.  when that didn't help him get untangled, they'd turn me the other way and start shoving again.  in between, they'd literally lift me off the bed, shake me, and then put me back down.  at the time i was on so much medication, had had an epidural, and was trying so hard just to get Scout here that it didn't bother me.  after the pain meds wore off, i could barely move my left arm.  it eventually felt almost normal again, but not the same.  i was always pretty flexible.  i could scratch my own back, zip up my own dresses...not anymore.  it just doesn't work right.  after holding and carrying Scout most of yesterday (i think he knows school is about to start and his time with momma is limited!), i woke up in the middle of the night in pain.  i could barely get dressed, i can't hold my head up straight, and the left side from right below my ear down my shoulder and back to my elbow hurts!  i took aleve and soaked in the jet bath, but then Scout wanted to be in my lap for awhile and now the pain is worse.  my muscle relaxers and my ice pack are at my mom's house.  this is not how i intended to spend my last weekend before going back to school on monday!  but at least it's cloudy today, it's only you know how good that is!?!?!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


i can't think of G words right now.  my brain is consumed with getting my classroom ready before Meet the Teacher (or Beat the Teacher as our principal refers to it) and all things superheroes.  i have the bat signal drying on my kitchen floor right now!  it's going to go up in the front corner of my room above the refocus area.  the refocus area is pretty much a better name for time-out.  but we're supposed to name it something with even less negative connotations than "refocus area," so this year i'm calling mine "the bat cave."  the only two superhero hideout names i could think of are the bat cave and the fortress of solitude.  bat cave is the more positive of the two!  i have so much to do before next thursday.  i actually took Scout to school with me this morning to drop off some things to be laminated and pick up things to work on at home.  my room is no where near ready, but i'm not spending my last few days off working in my room when i can be home playing with him!  everyone at school kept saying his hair is so cute and they can't tell who he looks like.  please, people...he looks like his momma! 

this is me...

this is Scout...

this is me, K-dogg, and Scout back in May...

 how hard is that?  K-dogg has dark brown eyes and dark brown, almost black, hair.  anyway, everyone also kept saying how chilled out he is and what a good baby he is, now that...he gets from both of us.  his daddy is laid back, and from what i've heard, we were both very good babies! now if you'll excuse me, i have about 23 name signs to cut out for my classroom door!

Friday, August 5, 2011

free fallin'

The letter F...I honestly haven't come up with much.  I'll probably think of a lot later because I write these posts, and then I get this letter stuck in my head until I do the next one!

 Franco...James Franco has replaced Brad Pitt at the top of my favorite actors list.  I love his character on General Hospital.  He was hilarious in Pineapple Express, I hope I get to see Rise of Planet of the Apes, and I loved Freaks and Geeks.  Some of his other movies really are bad, but oh well.  He's done all different kinds of movies, he's done tv, he's written a book, and he goes to college at some of the toughest schools in the country...for fun!

Frogs...I did a research report about frogs and how they're disappearing because people keep moving into their habitats for my Environment and Man class at UTT.  After that, everyone in class called me the frog girl.  Then, all my friends and family started buying me frog stuff.  I have calenders, jewelry, pictures, and more figurines than I ever thought I would see of frogs!  My classroom had a frog theme for a while.  I try not to buy anything frog related now unless it just absolutely calls to me.  The last thing I got was a pregnant Sprogz from my mom when I was pregnant with Scout.  I already had the teacher, the bridesmaid, the hippie, and the graduate, so I had to have it!  And, it turns out, Scout looks like a frog when he sleeps sometimes.  I still like frogs, I just don't want them all over my house! 

Fireworks...I like fireworks as long as they stay way up in the sky.  Watching fireworks at the Rangers game is scary and I don't like sparklers or any kind of do-it-yourself fireworks.  Maybe it's because the one time my parents let Bean and I hold a shoe caught on fire!  We managed to see about 2 fireworks from Times Square while we were in NYC on the fourth this year.  Sea World and Astroworld had pretty good fireworks.  Our hometown does fireworks every year.  It used to last about 5 minutes, but I think they're up to about 12 now!

That's all I have for now...maybe I'll think of some more things later and add them.  For now, I'm off to the grocery store!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"E" Train

it is way too hot outside.  scout and i are hiding out for a few days.  it's just too hot to get him out unless i have to take him somewhere.  none of that has anything to do with the letter E though, so here we go...

i haven't been able to think of much for the letter E...

etsy...yes, i'm sure you all know what etsy is by now.  i love it.  i have lots of scrabble necklaces from there.  i bought a bag to hold my plastic bags a couple weeks ago.  i bought my mom's mother's day present on etsy, scout's first Christmas ornament.  i try not to visit too much, i could spend some serious money!

 Eric funny...i think he may be Scout's favorite singer!  he really likes pretty much any music, but my dad started playing eric clapton and bb king for him from the beginning.  when he stayed with my parents while we were in new york, they listened to his version of "how deep is the ocean" every morning.  when i'm feeding him lunch, we'll listen to music on my computer, and if i play eric clapton, he starts dancing in his high chair.  and his favorite song is "i shot the sheriff!"  not your normal toddler tunes!  everyone else in our family loves eric clapton, too.

Egg Cream...i had heard of an egg cream, but really had no idea what it was til we went to new york.  it doesn't even have eggs in it!  it is milk, soda water, and chocolate syrup.  sounds weird, but it's awesome.  i want to try to make one at home, but i'm sure it won't come close to the real thing!  gem spa in east village supposedly makes the best in all of new york, so we were kinda spoiled by having our first egg cream there!

East Village...speaking of east village.  it was my favorite place we went to in new york.  central park was a close second. but east village is awesome.  i already blogged about it, so i'm not going to say anything else.  but if you ever go to nyc, you gotta get outta uptown and lower manhattan and go to east village!