Thursday, April 23, 2009

start me up

happy early birthday to me! i got this purse in the mail today. only mine is olive green, it's a hobo international bag and i got it 60% off! a nice start to my three day weekend. i'm taking a mental health day tomorrow. k-dogg's car needs a new battery, so i generously took a day off so he can have my car. i have to take his car to get a new battery, but a day off work is still worth it! i can't stand the taks tests! everyone is stressed out and on edge...the kids, me, the other teachers, our principals...everyone. i'll be so glad when it's over next week. so, when this kid at school acted up and talked and played all class, and then accused me of being racist because i wouldn't let him go sit in the hall...i had had it! i know when i need a day off. once i set up a sub with the school secretary...the stress started fading. i told her i had a forseeable illness and needed to stay home with my sick car! it'a not like i couldn't get to work if i wanted to be there. my neighbors both work at my school. plus, tomorrow is another taks pep rally. as much fun as it would be to see two of my friends dressed as the donkey and the cat from shrek...i think a day off is better. i have applied for a job teaching 4th grade language arts at k-dogg's school district. i hope to hear something about an interview soon. anyway, on to another topic...when did earth day become earth week and earth month? i saw greeting cards for earth week...doesn't that defeat the purpose? wouldn't it be better not to waste the supplies for a card? even my cereal box was specially made for earth month. it's crazy. the other crazy thing is all the mess about the miss usa contestant that said she didn't believe in gay marriage. what's the big deal? she was asked her opinion and she gave it. why would anyone think perez hilton should judge a pageant anyway??? ok, my spurs are getting stomped, but i still need to go watch.


Mzzterry said...

good comments.

say no to earth week.
say no to gay marriage.
say no to taks test & pep rallies.
say no to kids who drive you nuts.

support opinions as opinions.
suport mental health days.
support new jobs for burned out teachers.

I heard there might be an opening at the school with the big red chicken. gracies mom is quitting.

go spurs.

Mzzterry said...

Thirty is a nice, round number, isn't it??!!