Sunday, February 21, 2010

give me a reason

I have to have a more recent blog entry than, I'm blogging! not much has been going on. work is great. some mild craziness thursday, but nothing like what i'm used to from going and working at my old school. i had two students withdraw last week. it's a little calmer in our room now and my homeroom class is even with my other class, so that's nice. the snow last weekend was so much fun. however, i think i'm glad we don't have snow like that all the time. saturday felt like spring, so i went antiquing and burger-eating in mineola. i got a really cool purse. it's olive green, wooden, and has a big owl on the front! and it was only $8! pictures soon. speaking of pictures, my mom took some pictures of my house while it was clean! she doesn't clean my craft/computer that's why there aren't any pictures of it.

this is our front door right now, but i'm changing it this week. i got the swag 50% at target's after Christmas sale and added the silver leaves, the icicles, and the sparkling dangling things. they were all half price, too!

this is k-dogg's office. he picked out the red paint and did most of the painting himself. i now know why everyone said not to do red. we love it, but it was really hard to paint with! my mom and i decorated his fireplace for him, but it's all stuff he either picked out or really likes...comics, pirates, squirrels, and a few other random treasures!

this is our living room. you can't see the stove, the built-in shelf, our massive dvd collection, or the built-in tv stand in the corner. i was thinking i wanted a new couch, but i waited so long that i'm thinking i'm ok with this one for a little while longer.

as promised, this is the picture of our new quilt. the green and khaki pillows are from target, the copper/orange pillow is from wal-mart, and the roll pillow is actually from our old bedding! doesn't everyone accessorize a beautiful pottery barn quilt with stuff from target and wal-mart :) if you noticed, we have the word peace all over the house. i don't think it's in either bathroom or k-dogg's office, but only because i haven't found the right thing for those rooms, yet! my mom did take pictures of my kitchen, but she didn't get my favorite wall, so i'm gonna take some more and add those later. for now, i'm going to go make a bologna and cheese sandwich and collapse on the couch. i have a workshop, a funeral, and taks training this week. taks writing is next wednesday. i can not wait until that day is over!

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Mzzterry said...

the photos looking thru your pot rack in the kitchen are cool! which wall is your fav wall?? how did i miss one??

oh well....glad you & bean BOTH blogged!!