Monday, July 26, 2010

bump in the road

yes, i's been a month since my last post. k-dogg was off work, and i can't sit in my computer chair comfortably anymore, so i didn't have much access to a computer. he went back to work this morning, so i'm in his office. july was pretty uneventful. usually, one of us is out of the country, or i go on a mission trip. but, no trips this summer with the baby on the way! when i went to california, k-dogg was still working. our youth group is in san antonio right now on their mission trip and the trip to mexico was cancelled anyway. we have tried out 3 restaurants that we hadn't been to yet. actually, i've been to newks, but i went alone so it didn't count. smashburger was pretty good. osaka was awesome and i don't know why we hadn't been before. i got pork katsu and fried rice. it's easier just to not even try to eat any sushi or rolls right now. most of the ones that are all cooked and safe for me to eat have jalapenos or avocado in them, so i don't even try for now. k-dogg made homemade gyoza last night! we had gyoza in tokyo and he has been wanting it again. we actually had some fried gyoza at osaka, but i had already bought him the ingredients to make it at home, so we had steamed gyoza last night. gyoza is basically like a dumpling and the kind he made had pork, onion, and cabbage inside/ he doesn't cook often, but when he does, he goes all out. besides the gyoza, he's made french onion soup and pasta from scratch! i have a sono appointment this afternoon. we should be able to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. we will post on facebook and everything. just don't expect to see any pictures online. i just think that's weird. same with the "baby bump" photos. my mom has some of me on her blog, but other than bean, i don't really care if anyone sees me. we didn't get very far at all on the nursery while k-dogg was off, but after this afternoon maybe i'll be more motivated. the nursery is going to be be black, white, and apple green no matter the gender. but, even with black and white, some stuff is definitely more girly than other stuff. tomorrow, my mom and i are going shopping. i think the suspense of not knowing has been bothering her more than us!


queen of everything said...

i LOVE gyoza, and i craved sushy bad when i was preggers with both q and aislyn

Mzzterry said...

kevin has a hidden inner day its gonna break loose!! you have been warned!

Tehan said...

I couldn't picture you posting a ton of pregnant pics. My cousin has been doing that and it's kinda weird for her.

And all this food talk is making me hungryyyyy.