Sunday, April 8, 2012

little bunny foo foo

i started singing that song to Scout the other day to distract him while i was changing his diaper.  so, he's been running around since then saying, "bop, bop, bop!"  i only sing the first verse, because i've always thought that song was a wee bit twisted!  yesterday, he was eating lunch at gram's and said, "bopmmmm."  we got him to switch it around to mmmbop.  i found the hanson song on my phone and played it for him...he started dancing in his high chair.  k-dogg is not really excited about Scout being a hanson fan!  Scout had his first egg hunt yesterday.  he had a lot of fun and wore out himself and my parents' dog...but he is not an accomplished egg hunter.  he likes to hide the eggs, take them apart, and throw them!  he sees no reason to pick them up and put them in a basket once he's spotted them.  guess that's a luxury of being an only!  he was not thrilled with the crowd and the longer service at church this morning, so i didn't get any good pictures of our family all dressed in our coordinating, but not matching outfits.  i'm proud to say that my son was the only kid in his nursery class NOT wearing pastels or bright pink!  we are not really a pastel family...even for Resurrection Sunday!  these pictures are from his egg hunt yesterday.

he found an egg in his shirt!
he studies EVERYTHING!
scout and scarlett, way too close for my comfort!

my students said he looks like he bit a squirrel and forgot to let go!
After church today, isn't his outfit cute?  told y'all he was not happy!

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