Saturday, May 5, 2012


not really, we're not celebrating cinco de mayo too much.  well, scout and i aren't.  k-dogg is going out with friends to watch the mayweather fight, but i don't think he really cares what they're doing, he's just excited to get out.  scout started running a fever wednesday afternoon.  we weren't sure what was wrong, since he always holds his ear when he's tired and he seemed to be getting a new tooth.  thursday morning, gram texted me at work and told me to call his doctor.  so, i worked two hours thursday morning and then left to take scout to the doctor.  they tested him for flu, it was negative.  the doctor said his ears were clear and that he probably had an upper respiratory infection.  scout looked miserable all day thursday.  we went back to gram's and he wanted to do nothing but be held.  i stayed home with him yesterday so he could sleep in.  he looked much better, but still pretty puny and pale.  and, ohmygoodness, he has been a momma's boy the past few days!  poor k-dogg got up with him this morning, but as soon as he saw me, he actually jumped off the couch and ran to me!  he's taking his amoxicillin like a big boy, and he's not running fever anymore, but he gets run down and grumpy pretty easily and he's not eating much.  he also cut a new tooth today.  i got a swing for him this afternoon.  we set it up at my mom and dad's and let him try it out.  he loves swinging, normally, but he wasn't too thrilled and wanted out.  i got him out, and blood just poured out of his tooth!  that would explain some of the grumpiness and not eating!  he's been asleep for the past 2 hours, so i'm hoping he'll be able to sleep tonight!  if may be a long night.  outside of scout news, nothing much is happening.  i got a haircut and changed my hair color.  we now have less than a month of school!  not much is happening this coming week, then everything goes bonkers!  can't wait!

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