Sunday, July 8, 2012

summer 2012

this has pretty much been it...Scout got his hair cut, we had VBS and he loved it, we go to church every Sunday, swim in his little pool at G and P's, and hang out in our pj's a lot!  lots of Super Why, Sesame Street, music at lunch, cheese, ball, bean box, and learning the alphabet.  i'm in the middle of a massive purge and cleaning my closet and bedroom, k-dogg works in the yard when it isn't scorching, we saw the amazing spiderman this week.  our little town and group of friends has been hit hard with tragedy this summer.  other than that, life is good!


Rosemond said...

I really love that top photo of E with the beach ball! Adorable! Can't believe how quickly our baby boys are growing!!

vanillafrog said...

That was at our church ice cream social. He was trying to play basketball with some big guys! He was so determined!