Saturday, June 7, 2008

what's going down

so, wednesday was bean's birthday and she finally got the last of the 25 presents i sent her. i stayed home all day and didn't do much. banjo ran away again. thursday, i ironed at my house for the first time since august when i was ironing and that stupid mouse ran at me turning my whole world upside down for a while. i found mold all over our patio, so i tried to bleach some of it, but it's going to take a few days. then we went to a wedding rehearsal way out in the middle of nowhere. i got to play with my friend's one year old daughter, so i stayed entertained. yesterday, k-dogg was off work and i THOUGHT we were going to do yard work...finally, but he had other plans. those plans were to do nothing but play computer games and watch tv. last night i went out with some friends to alley fest to eat pizza, watch some bands, and shop. i finally got to see junior play! they're a local band that's been around since i was probably in middle school and i always wanted to see them, but i couldn't get in to most of their shows, then when i was old enough, they started playing away and just got bigger and bigger. but, i finally got to see them last night. they were pretty good considering they didn't have time for a soundcheck or to tune! somehow, we went from standing in line to get henna tattoos to going to a real tattoo studio. matt's pretty much covered, and he decided he wants another one for his birthday. they tried to get me to get one, but i honestly didn't see anything i liked, and i wouldn't do that without k-dogg being with me or at least knowing about it ahead of time! that brings me to now...i just woke up. banjo is still gone, i still have jungle in my front yard, and the wedding is this afternoon. but, my house is clean and all of my laundry is done! and bean will be here in 3 weeks! oh, i forgot...i tried to make cinnamon rolls yesterday...has this ever happened to you...
the metal lid for the icing was stuck to one of the rolls, and i didn't notice until AFTER they came out of the oven!

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