Tuesday, June 3, 2008


pink pictures and new hair pictures...

my favorite pink accessory...my phone
pink toes, yeah, my birthmark is on my big toe!
pink azaleas
pink nose
pink sign one of my students gave me...
the mattress on our guest bed...i've had it since i was two, i think
haven't really been a big fan of the color pink in a long time, i know i have more pink around my house, i just didn't want to go looking for it! now for the new hair
oh yeah, i guess this can count for pink too, since my tongue is sticking out.
yep, i got a blue streak in my hair! it will have to be gone when i go back to work in mid-august. but for now, i have blue hair! blame my mother...she got purple in her hair for her birthday! i like the rest of it too. i let my hair go without any color on it for a while...i don't like my real hair color. i just wanted to see what it looked like since i hadn't really seen it completely natural since maybe high school. it's now maple and blue. the maple color is really dark and for once, my hair didn't turn red when it was colored!

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Mzzterry said...

<3 the pink nose.