Saturday, June 13, 2009

blank page

not much to post about, but it's been a week. i got the key to my new classroom and figured out how i'm going to decorate it. already got some stuff from mardel and hobby lobby. i think i'm going to wait until it's decorated to say anything else about it. k-dogg still has two weeks of work, but he has fridays off so he was home yesterday. he woke me up because for about 10 minutes there was a chance he was going to have to go into work on his day off. then he spent the entire day playing sims 3. why did i buy that for him!?!?! i think i actually got a headache from watching too much tv, so i haven't been in the living room today. instead i'm importing cds to my ipod because i've had it 2 1/2 years and still haven't imported everything i want on there. i only have 1385 songs on my ipod right now. i'm going shopping with my mom soon. then we have family birthday dinner at red lobster later. k-dogg's family. i would get out of it...but my birthday is one of the ones being celebrated so i better go. bean will be here tuesday afternoon! yea! i wish she was staying longer, but three nights is better than nothing. my mom is making us take family pictures while they're here. everyone's so excited. i wish sarcasm carried through a computer better.

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Mzzterry said...

i realize nobody wants to do the photo thing. but i want a fam you have any other ideas on how we can get one?????