Saturday, June 6, 2009

pomp and circumstance

yesterday was a really long day. it was the last day of school and the group that i taught two years in a row graduated from middle school. i got to see the whole thing. the special awards were pretty funny. one of my favorite kids got the big student of the year award. i got lots of good pictures. the kids left at 1:30, but teachers had to stay until 6. that's just not right! i had to pack everything in my room and shove it in my car because i was determined not to have to go back up there next week. we got it all done. we had the wildest 7th grade lunch conversation of the whole year and some of the other teachers actually told us to be quiet because we were so loud. it was fun. i goofed off way too much, but i still managed to get out of there on time with everything. high school graduation started at 8. i have never seen a crowd that big at one of our graduations. traffic was backed up halfway across town and the parking lot was crazy. i'm so glad i had a seat saved. i hadn't been to a graduation at my old school since bean graduated in 2001. this one was special since it was the class i taught my first year of teaching. they were such a wild class with a horrible reputation that was pretty much deserved. but there are some really good kids in the class. the girl that gave the welcome was really nervous and welcome everyone to the class of 2009's "commencication." that was definitely entertaining. hearing the valedictorian say in her speech that her mother raised her to be a proper lady...and knowing that she's pregnant was pretty entertaining, too. as soon as the commencication was over, there were fireworks, so this class really did go out with a bang. it was fun. i didn't get home til midnight and didn't get up til 12:30 this afternoon. then i went back to sleep from 2-4:30. i think i was a little tired. i ended up skipping the foghat concert and my friend's dance recital and went to eat sushi with k-dogg. not a bad way to start my summer.
class of 2013
my boys that think they are so cool. they're in for a rude awakening when they start high school!

one of my favorite kids ever. he was in my class the first year i taught and still refuses to call me by my married name even though i got married over Christmas break that year. his little brother is the one on the right in the picture above.

i'm glad i got this picture, even though i don't know the kid. right after i took this, the teachers started taking up all the 2009 glasses!

the sky helped out by providing the school and black!

i've known this kid since he was born and he was in my class my first year. he is having to bend down so that you could see both of us in the picture!
if you knew how hard it was getting the middle one to graduation'd be smiling, too! i love my girls!


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great the one of the sky!! and you & b.h!!