Monday, January 4, 2010

down on the corner

ok, the end of tokyo...

i said on facebook that shibuya crossing is the busiest crosswalk in the world. just in case you didn't really believe's a picture of ONE corner of the crosswalk! and on a thursday evening is not really the busiest time!
crossing shibuya crossing
shibuya 109...the craziest mall i have ever been too...about 9 stories high...4-6 stores on each floor...wall to wall people...only, there aren't really any walls...the stores wrap around the escalator that runs through the middle
this isn't the busiest we saw krispy kreme...a few times the wait time was at least an hour...that's like waiting to ride a good ride at six flags!
the front desk of our hotel
this was our hotel room from the doorway. you can see one side of the bed. it's a full size bed and it's against the wall on the other side! that table goes all the way across the room and there's a tv on the other end with a small refrigerator and hot tea maker underneath. i had to take my backpack off before i walked in the room or it would scrape against both walls at once!

this is the bathroom. you're not missing anything! the toilet was right up against the wall. when k-dogg stayed here this summer, he was in a single room so there was a window over his bed that looked into the bathroom and the door to the bathroom was see-thru!
you hear about celebrities making commercials and ads in japan for things they'd never do here (ever seen lost in translation or the episode of friends with joey's commercial for men's lipstick?) that's a billboard with tommy lee jones for a beverage company. we also saw beyonce on a bottled water ad and sarah jessica parker on something...i don't remember what it was

on the way to the airport
the Christmas tree at Narita Airport. our flight was at around 1 on friday afternoon. we flew about 11 hours, kyle drove us home from dfw...and when we got to our house it was around 1 on friday afternoon! i saw the sun set and rise within less than 8 hours. got to see it rise over the rocky mountains! and still went shopping on black friday that afternoon!


Mzzterry said...

you are the SUPER SHOPPER, my child, no doubt about that!! Glad you got Tokyo up on the blog. I, for one, will never go there, so I enjoyed the peek into how it really looks!!

queen of everything said...

wow, its amazing glad it was a good time.