Sunday, January 3, 2010


yea, first post of the new year! i decided i better finish up my tokyo pictures before i go back to work tomorrow. (ugh) i wish we were off tomorrow so i could have gone on the girls' winter retreat in dallas. staying in a hotel and shopping at the galleria sounds much better than going to work on a cold monday morning! obviously, i needed to stay home and rest anyway. i got home from church and lunch and took a 3 hour nap! it messes me up when i sleep so long and then wake up and don't know if it's 4:15 am or pm! i finally decided that it was too light outside to be i figured i better get up. k-dogg is watching the cowboys game (ie...snoozing in his chair) so i came in my computer room. my team is out of the playoffs, so they aren't showing that game.
Merry Christmas from Louis Vuitton!
we had 3 starbucks within about 2 blocks of our hotel. kinda weird, the only real difference was the menu and all the japanese customers. otherwise, i could have been in any starbucks in the states.
tokyo from the 47th floor of the municipal government building. when it isn't cloudy, you can see mt fuji. i think it's almost always cloudy though.
subway map...simple enough, right??
Christmas lights

zest cantina...texmex in tokyo. we ate here one night and it was pretty good. the walls were covered with texas license plates, john wayne pictures, and a buffalo and jackalope. the waiters wear jeans, cowboy boots, and western shirts. they just need some help on their portion sizes. a plate of nachos had about 7 chips and you don't get chips and salsa before the meal. we had a good time laughing at the people we saw drinking a bud light that cost $8 a bottle! according to k-dogg, this is THE meeting place in shinjuku...or was it shibuya? i don't remember where we were!
it looks like all these people are out really late at night, but it was probably only 6 or 7pm. the sun set at 4!
yes, it's blurry, but that's how fast you have to walk so those nice polite people in tokyo don't run you over!

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DyessFam said...

I'm so glad you are blogging about your trip! I'm loving all the pics and narrative. I've never wanted to go to Japan, but now I think it would be fun.:)