Tuesday, June 1, 2010

back in the saddle

ok, my mom and sister will not leave me alone about my blog...so, i'm back. since march 22, let's see...we found out i'm pregnant. i'm due at the end of november in case you're one of the last two people on earth my mom hasn't told! my birthday was two weeks ago. k-dogg got me a new tv and blu-ray player! my parents got me toms, and bean got me a scrabble necklace with van gogh's starry night on it! very cool! we still have 3 days of school left and i'm about to go crazy. i'm glad the kids that passed taks got a reward by getting out 7 days early. but this is torture having to stay 7 more days with the kids that failed or missed too much school. we're supposed to keep them contained and engaged. i've got the contained part down, but i'm not sure how engaged they are. we found out our new room assignments and teaching partners for next year, so maybe my kids can be engaged by packing my stuff and getting it ready to move two doors down the hall. almost all of my summer plans have changed. i'm still going to see bean next week, but i'm not going to youth camp or on any mission trips this summer. i was not happy about that at first, but at least i'll have a lot of time off to get stuff ready for school in august and hopefully get some stuff ready for the baby. we shall see!

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Mzzterry said...

so excited to see you back on here. its crazy actually, like i never talk to you.