Saturday, October 15, 2011

behind blue eyes

if i hadn't taken this picture my living room....i would swear it's a picture of me when i was his age!  and did you notice how stylish his jammies are?  the baby in the capital one commercial with jimmy fallon has on the same ones.  they're from old navy and of course, they were on sale!  i have a couple more pictures of scout to show off...bear with me!

These are not the greatest pictures, it's hard to catch a moving target!  but, i wanted to show off his new pumpkin hat.  it is so awesome and he loves it.  he usually pulls hats off, but he left this one on for a long time.  that's also not the cutest outfit ever...but we're in that weird time of year where it's cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon.  he started the day wearing a long sleeve striped shirt with a car on it.  that may be the only time he'll get to wear it.  it's stayed warmer a lot longer than we expected it to, and he's already outgrowing some of the fall stuff we got in size 12 months! 

the meeting at school went way better than i was thinking.  i did not sleep or eat much last weekend.  thank you everyone that prayed for worked!  i'm pretty run down this weekend and not feeling great.  i think Scout has shared the mess he's had the past week.  i also haven't been resting or eating right.  i'm actually drinking water right now, trying to flush this stuff out and get hydrated.  if you know know i don't drink water much at all.  i drank tons of it everyday when i was pregnant and almost completely gave up cokes.  less than a month after Scout was here, i quit water and went right back to cokes.  some people say if you quit drinking them long enough, cokes will taste strange to you and you won't want them.  those people are crazy.  i had to add a crystal light antioxidant  pack to my water, just so i can drink it! 

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queen of everything said...

it is so cute on him, well he is adorable and i'm pretty sure anything on him would be cute. glad your meeting was better than hoped for. hope you are feeling better