Saturday, October 15, 2011

round and round

this is the wreath i made in the past few weeks.  styrofoam wreath form and yarn...didn't even use glue to hold it down, just tied a knot and started wrapping. 

this is the finished wreath, hanging in my living room!  it's way too small for my front door and i'm not sure how weather-resistant it is anyway.  that's about half a thing (i don't know the technical term...skein?) of yarn.  the variegated yarn makes it look like it was a lot more involved than it actually was!  i used hot glue on the feathers.  if i made another one, i would probably use a wreath form that didn't have flat edges, just to make it go even faster.  what do you think?


kevan said...

your wreath looks great!

queen of everything said...

it's very pretty. i like it. rounded edges might make the wrapping faster, give it a try and let us know