Sunday, November 20, 2011

pin cushion

we've been a little busy around here!  but, i've been keeping up with my thankful posts on facebook.  and, i've been on pinterest a lot...when i have time to sit down. i already posted pictures of the wreath i was inspired to make by pinterest.  last week i made a weekly calendar to hang by the back door.

all i had to buy was the frame.  i think it was around $3 at walmart.  i bought some dry erase markers, too, because all the ones i had at work are either fat or i used the school's money to buy them.  i used scrapbook paper and taped it to the sheet that came in the frame.  i already had the stickers in my craft stuff.  i like it.  gingham is not usually my style, but it fits in well in the laundry room.  i need to figure out a way to keep the marker by the calendar.  i had it set on top of the frame, but when i shut the back door, it fell off the frame and is now stuck between the wall and our dryer.  i saw someone on pinterest used a binder clip, maybe i'll come up with something this week.  this is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  we are going to thanksgiving at my aunt's house.  i get to take the sweet potatoes and the green bean casserole.  hopefully, we'll get to watch part of the parade, too.  i want Scout to grow up watching that, just like we did.  i'm seriously conflicted about black friday this year.  what's the fun in shopping at midnight!?!?!  then again, i missed the last two years due to being in tokyo and being 39 1/2 weeks pregnant!  i want to shop!  Scout's birthday is in two weeks!  can't wait to celebrate!  he cut 2 new teeth this week.  he's getting so big, way too fast!     

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