Saturday, November 5, 2011

we are family

i have been posting one thing i'm thankful for each day on facebook.  but, i needed to expand on here.  i am thankful for the amazing support system Scout has.  he stays with my mom while i'm at work.  my dad meets us at the car, before sunrise, to get Scout out of the backseat.  there's really no need for me to even walk in the house with them.  they have their own morning routine until gram gets up.  i usually don't even have to take anything with him.  he has his own room, his own toys, food, extra clothes, and all those supplies that go with a baby.  i get pictures on my phone throughout the day, so i never miss anything while i'm at work trying to teach and raise 43 other kids.  for a long time, Scout didn't even realize that gram and poppa had their own house.  he just thought he lived at both places with all 4 of us! 

we had  problem tuesday afternoon.  Scout's gram had an injection to help her pain.  the nurse had told her there was no down time.  after she got the injection, they told her she couldn't drive or lift anything for 24 hours...Scout weighs around 23 pounds and can't walk yet.  my dad and i had both already been off work tuesday, so we couldn't take off again.  Suzanne to the rescue!  She is the mom of our little friends, 911, doolittle, piggies, and violet.  i called her at 7:30 and asked if she could keep Scout on wednesday.  no problem.  he has never stayed anywhere other than my mom's or MDO (which is only once a week for about 5 hours).  i took him to their house wednesday morning, he went straight to her.  then when she put him down so she could write her number down, he crawled off into the living room with piggies and violet.  didn't even care when i left.  he played all day, went to lunch at another house with more kids.  never fussed or anything!  he loves those girls and their momma! 

this weekend is the holiday tea at church.  i have decorated a table for the past 6 or 7 years.  i didn't do it last year, i was about 9 months pregnant...but i was back this year.  k-dogg took care of Scout most of thursday evening and ALL of last night while i was getting stuff together and decorating at the church.  today, they are going to hang out at home while gram and i are at the tea.  a lot of daddies can't (or won't) do that!  k-dogg took care of Scout A LOT during the first few weeks of his life.  i was worn out after such a hard delivery...and k-dogg and my mom just stepped in and took over.  every other night for the past 11 months, k-dogg has been in charge of getting Scout ready for bed, feeding him the last bottle, and getting up with him in the middle of the night.  it's not a big deal now, but for the first few months...that was huge!  and, it was his idea!  he wakes up with him at least once every weekend.  he may not do everything just like momma, but he gets it done and Scout loves it! 

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queen of everything said...

what a blessing a great family is. finch and i were talking about how wonderful it is that scout is surrounded by such a great group, and that it was so rewarding to hear that families really do operate that way. thanks for reminding me how wonderful family is.