Sunday, February 26, 2012

daffodil's lament

so, not really the daffodil's lament...they don't care if your camera batteries die or not!  we went out to Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Garden this morning.  i was hoping to get some really great pictures of Scout and the flowers.  first of all, we couldn't find anywhere to stop along the way until we got to the cabin.  then, we got out at the cabin, started taking a few shots...and my battery light started flashing...argh!  oh well, we went for quality over quantity this time.  i did get some good pics of my guys together, an excellent one of Scout, and some funny faces he made because he fell asleep on the drive through the garden!  
cutest thing ever!

love this one

really, momma, you woke me up for this??
we may try again this coming weekend...or we may not.  how many pictures of yellow flowers do you really need when you already got that first one???

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