Friday, March 9, 2012


well, it would be peaceful if i could stop sneezing and k-dogg would quit coughing.  he's had a cough about 3 weeks now.  i felt sorry for him until he refused to go to the doctor and keeps me awake night after night coughing.  all pity is gone and had been replaced with slight annoyance.  anyway, we got off work early today for spring break.  i went to get scout from gram's house, he was confused as to why i was there so early!  brought him home and he went straight to bed.  he's going back tonight for a sleepover.  we have been hearing all week that it was supposed to start raining yesterday and not stop til sunday or monday.  it started last night, then it stopped.  it hasn't rained here all day!  but, it's cold again and wet...not good vacation weather.  pretty common for spring break around here, though.  i'm using scout's naptime to edit pictures before i order them and update my phone...exciting stuff!  we don't have much planned for this break.  and that's exactly how i plan to keep it!

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