Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hello, goodbye

Greetings, from Jefferson, Texas!  We took Scout to Jefferson yesterday.  Ate some good cornbread sandwiches, did a little shopping, got Scout a coonskin hat!  Mostly, just got out of the house and enjoyed the day.  It's crazy how many times I hear how cute he is and how happy and well-behaved he is anytime we take him out.  The awesome shirt he has on was a gift from my friend, Jimmy.  I think it's the third Beatles shirt Scout has had!  Gotta make sure he shows off his good taste in every size!  Can't wait til he gets just a little bigger and can wear the Bob Marley shirt that's waiting in his closet.  That will probably get some comments, but Scout loves reggae music and used to dance in his high chair whenever I played "I Shot the Sheriff!"  He pretty much loves any kind of music.  He dances at church, he likes his Sesame Street cd, he usually likes whatever is on in the car or any store, just gotta keep him away from Jucy's...don't want him exposed to too much country, it may ruin his good taste!

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