Saturday, May 19, 2012

happy birthday!

yippee-yi-yo, it's my birthday!  some little character on one of Scout's apps says that and Scout hits it over and over every time he plays it.  haven't done much today, i'm actually still in my pajamas and Scout's taking a nap.  yesterday was a bad weather day.  Scout went to G and P's while k-dogg and i went to the eye doctor, lunch, and the movies.  k-dogg wears contacts, so they make him come in for a check up once a year before they'll refill his prescription.  i just needed my glasses adjusted because some little boy likes to grab them and throw them as fas as he can when he's tired or mad at me.  our favorite vietnamese food place is only two blocks from the eye doctor and we aren't in that part of town very often, so we went there for lunch!  yum!  then we finally got to see the avengers!  we missed captain america and thor in the theater and caught up on dvd in the past month.  the avengers was awesome!  never have been a big fan of iron man, but i've liked the hulk since i was a little kid and captain america may be my new favorite.  didn't know anything about him when i dressed Scout for halloween, but he's cool.  now i'm ready for the amazing spiderman and the dark knight rises.  my guys got me a HUGE harry potter book for my birthday...if Scout doesn't end up being a geek...i'll be very surprised!