Sunday, March 16, 2008

it might as well be spring

i'm on spring break! ok, spring doesn't officially start until thursday, but who cares? i got my haircut, went to beaver's bend yesterday, and went to palm sunday service at's spring. the family campout was really fun, but i'm very sunburned. we're all sunburned...even the little bitty kids that were there. i froze all through church this morning because of my sunburn, not fun. anyway, i'll have pictures posted as soon as i figure out my new camera! now i'm just waiting for k-dogg to get home. he went to galveston with his IT homies this weekend. he should be home soon, which is good, banjo misses him. i haven't been home much. i was here for maybe half an hour after work friday, then i was off to get my hair and brows did, visit my grandma, go to the softball and baseball games, and out to eat with mine and k-dogg's bestest friends. i went to bed as soon as i got home, got up and ran away to oklahoma until 11 last night. then i came home from church today, went straight to bed, and didn't get up until about 5:45! banjo's crying for me to come out of the computer room right now, so i know he'll be happy when k-dogg gets here. he loves him, he just happens to show it by clawing his arms up any time he has a chance. banjo's not stupid, he's never clawed me like that. if he did, he'd be outside where he belongs! he'd be out there permanently already, if the big bad cat next door didn't try to beat him up every time he goes out. too bad banjo doesn't know that big bad cat's name is kittywitty. then he could make fun of him!

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