Sunday, March 9, 2008

would you go with me

ended up going to spring and the wedding alone. kevin bailed out at the last minute. i didn't care, but i wish he had told me sooner, i could've left an hour and a half earlier! got to spring with no problems. watched 20/20 with my aunt and uncle because my uncle went to high school with that guy that's claiming to be jfk's love child. my cousins got home from the aeros game. got up yesterday and my uncle took me and my cousin to lunch. my aunt was at church for a vbs convention and my other cousin was at orientation for his new job as a pool boy at some fancy resort. kevin asked if his uniform includes a speedo, gosh, i hope not! i'm sure he's very happy that the picture of him wearing one when he was on the swim team when he was about 5 is not up in their hallway anymore! i made it to the wedding, it was nice. i got to see old friends i haven't seen in forever and meet some new people. blakely looked gorgeous and scott didn't stop smiling the entire time. he had one of the best groom's cakes i've ever seen...a guitar made out of doughnuts! the slide show even had a picture of him holding a big plate of doughnuts, so i'm guessing he really likes them. the drive home was interesting. i came a really strange way on small highways through even smaller towns. i wish i had gone down highway 21 during the daytime. it goes through the davy crockett forest and there were historical markers everywhere. if i have a day of absolutely nothing to do this summer, i may drive through there again just to see it. when i got home, kevin whisked me away to nerdfest '08...the super smash bros. brawl release party at game stop. someone really should make sure those people at least take a shower before they all gather together in a small store for hours at a time. ewww. i'm just happy that kevin finally got his game. i think i reserved it for him in october for his birthday, but it kept getting pushed back. but, it's finally here, so i probably won't see or hear much from him unless i go in the living room to watch him play. i'll post pictures from the wedding soon, i haven't loaded them yet.

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