Saturday, May 31, 2008


last one for non-color related updates...i'm on summer vacation and k-dogg isn't! ha ha! he will be in a few weeks, though. i'm going to the big dance recital tonight. yippee! k-dogg is going to a bachelor party for the guy that was the best man in our wedding. his bachelor party was at the coffeehouse where we met and they watched tv and ate crackers. i think this one will be significantly wilder and more scandalous. i just hope i don't get drunk dialed in the middle of the night by k-dogg and his friends. that's not nice! now, i bring you...ORANGE!
banjo super kitty banjowsky!

hook 'em!
my croton plant
the best shoe orange!

my school spirit candle and it smells good, too

k-dogg bought me this one year for valentine's day...banjo loves to chew on his whiskers
dollar store knock-off dial soap
a picture in my bedroom
i planted 30 marigolds...i think i have about 6 left!

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Mzzterry said...

great job, next color is.....PINK!!