Thursday, July 10, 2008

in the army now

hi. my name is vanillafrog and i am an army wivesaholic. i kept hearing this show was good, but i'm not a big lifetime channel watcher, so i had never seen it. plus, sunday nights at 9 isn't convenient appointment television time. i decided to put season 1 on my ipod to watch on the way to the airport to pick up my sister a week and a half ago. i figured i'd watch one or two and save the rest for another long car trip. i've already finished all of season 1 and got the first five episodes of season 2. as soon as i saw the end of season 1, i had to get season 2 to find out what happened! i almost went crazy during the 22 minutes it took to download the first episode. but, i am making myself get my errands done first tomorrow. no more army wives until i've been to the bank, lowe's, and the grocery store. i'll let you know if it actually happens that way!

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