Tuesday, July 8, 2008


ok, i'm back, for a little while anyway. i'm just glad i wasn't working last week. it was hard enough being supersister and superwife. i couldn't have tried to be superteacher too! didn't compete for superdaughter. when your little sister comes home for the first time since labor day AND she's pregnant with the first grandkid...there's no reason to even try! :) but, bean is back home and k-dogg is finally off the couch and back among the living. we actually got to go shopping and to the movies today. i highly recommend seeing wall-e if you haven't seen it yet. finding nemo will probably always be my favorite pixar movie, but wall-e is a very close second. still gotta see the incredibles and cars. will NOT be seeing that other one ever. we went to buy paint, i suggested we measure the room first, but was told that was not necessary and would take too long. so we came home with a color chip and the supplies, but no paint because...he decided we need to measure the room first! oh well, i ended up getting new lights for our front porch and we're going back for paint later this week, so it's fine with me. i just hope we get his office painted before i go to mexico. if not, i'll be painting it by myself when i get back and k-dogg goes back to work. k-dogg has decided he just has to get away since i get to go to mexico, so since he got new tires on his car, he's decided to take a road trip to stay with bean's ex-fiance for the weekend. all i can say is he must be really desperate to get out of town! oh, and i'm glad i'm not going. i haven't seen him in almost two years and plan to keep it that way. he even spent the night at our house about a month ago for a bachelor party and i still didn't see him! ok, it's way past my bedtime. i downloaded the first season of army wives on my ipod last week and have become slightly obsessed! almost as bad as my parents' new addiction to lost. but, just because it feels funny to post without posting a picture....big finale to the local firework show and my friend from church at the ice cream social with her boyfriend. my sister met her husband at our church's ice cream social 4 years ago...but she swears she's not at all country or anything! :)

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Mzzterry said...

Maybe the fireworks are what Lara is seeing in her head!!