Sunday, July 13, 2008

ride the wind

we went the the great texas balloon race last night. i haven't been since i was a little bitty kid. don't remember it at all! they didn't actually get to race yesterday because of the wind, but we still got to see the balloon glow and hang out with some friends. there was also a concert, but i'm not really into country too much and last night confirmed why. i'm sure just like in any other genre, there are some really talented, good performers who are also good people. but last night wasn't it for country. i knew i was in for a long night when the first thing he said was that it didn't matter if everyone stayed out late, cause he knew none of us were going to be going to sunday school today anyway. true, i don't go to sunday school...but i do go to church and i just didn't like that comment. then almost every song he sang was about drinking and chasing women. or it was a slow song that he said he sang to get women. and you know when a song is titled beer, bait, and've landed right in the middle of redneckville! i thought everyone always says country music is supposed to be family-friendly...i felt way more comfortable being around little kids when i went to see aerosmith and lynyrd skynyrd than i was last night. (not to mention he butchered sweet emotion by aerosmith...that song does not need a fiddle!) and it wasn't just me...i talked to a guy at church tonight that was at the show last night, too. he said the same thing! i'll take my blues and rock concerts anyday! but, the whole reason i went was to get pictures, so here are the best.

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Mzzterry said...

thanks for the photos, i want to go but the heat always keeps me home.