Sunday, November 2, 2008

working for the weekend

the rest of my weekend... i left school early friday to set up for the tea. i don't like teaching middle school on halloween, so i was glad to leave early. friday night we played our big rivals and we lost. i still got some good pictures though. yesterday my parents left to go visit bean in california. i went on a mad dash to find a plain white napkin because i was missing one. finally found one at big lots along with some gold chargers, some dvds, and MINTY BELLS! minty bells are just as important to Christmas as mellowcreme pumpkins are to halloween. the tea was great. very nice and relaxing, met some new people, drank some tea. should have ended my day there. i put together a good costume for the masquerade ball. some people thought i was supposed to be a gypsy or an indian. one person asked if i was supposed to be my mom! but, i was just a hippie. the dance was so boring that i left early. the music wasn't good and the kids weren't having fun. k-dogg and i went to ihop. i tried some lemon and blueberry coffee cake pancakes. they were really good for a while. not so good later when we had to stop in the parking lot at this big church on the way home because i was sick. but, at least we got to see 3 deer while we were there. they were standing there staring at me the whole time! so, today i've stayed home all day. plus, the longhorns lost yesterday. not good. but at least the titans won in overtime this afternoon! i'm going to go watch the cowboys lose and get ready for the amazing race and the season finale of army wives now. i've sat up as long as i can right now.


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Mzzterry said...

Like your hippie costume, but you do look like me!!