Sunday, November 23, 2008

school's out

i'm free! we have a whole week off from work! so far we've been to see twilight, went to eat at my favorite place with one of our friends we haven't seen in a while, and have stayed in our pajamas all day today! i also went to hobby lobby and ross by myself. i don't like to go to ross with anyone, i can't hunt as well with people with me. i was looking for stuff for secret santa, but ended up coming home with a new sweater and teva tennis shoes. oh well. i did get some secret santa stuff at hobby lobby and some craft stuff. i got a ceramic pumpkin for 20 cents. and i got a cardboard thing that i was thinking was a Christmas tree, but after i showed it to k-dogg, we decided it can also be a megaphone, a party hat, a horn, a beak, or a vase. i'm still thinking it's going to be a tree. i finally finished rereading a time to kill. it wouldn't have taken so long if i hadn't read the first three twilight books while i was still reading it. the twilight books are way better than the movie. i liked the movie...i just think the books are better. the movie changed a few things i thought should not have been changed. i finished half of a baby blanket. i'll probably finish the rest while i'm watching amazing race later. my mom has requested pictures of the blanket, i'll have to see if i can figure out how to get my camera program back on my computer. my computer died last week! completely flatlined. but, i'm married to a computer tech, so we had an extra computer in the closet. it's even faster than the one i was using. k-dogg was able to save all of my pictures and itunes, but he didn't put my camera software back for me. it shouldn't be too hard, i just haven't done it yet. my titans lost today, i'm glad i don't have to face my students tomorrow to hear them bug me about it. tomorrow i'm going to the eye doctor for a check up and to order new glasses. mine are missing the nose cushions and are really bent up. probably from falling asleep on the couch all the time. right now i need to go switch the laundry over. i came home really mad from work on friday and tried to use my anger for housework energy, but then we left to go to the movie so the same clothes have been in the washer and dryer since friday night! i just started over again. that way i won't have to iron as much and the wet clothes won't smell funny!

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