Saturday, May 2, 2009


taks is over! yea! yesterday i went to work and didn't work. i sent my kids to the gym to play with the other classes that were down there letting off taks week steam and i talked to my friends. then i left at 11:30 and went to a job interview. whether i get the job or not, i think that was the best interview i've ever had. the people interviewing me were all really nice and friendly and i wasn't nervous or anything. i was just so happy to be at a school that wasn't in a crack house neighborhood! after my interview, i went to get wolverine tickets and shop at target. that experience made me a full-fledged believer in always wearing an undershirt or cami when you try on clothes! i found a really pretty dark teal dress shirt on clearance. there's a reason that really pretty shirt was on clearance. did you know a shirt can make you clausterphobic, anxious, nervous, and contemplating how to become a contortionist??? the shirt went on fine, but once it was wouldn't come off! it was stuck. there was only one button at the top of the neck in the back. it wasn't even buttoned. i twisted and turned and squirmed. i tried to turn the shirt inside out and pull it off. nothing worked! at this point i started freaking out and wondering if i could just rip the shirt enough to get it off and leave it in the dressing room. it wouldn't rip! i finally walked out to the desk and asked one of the women working if they could help me take it off. i am so glad i had on a black tank top under it! i had to hold my arms up over my head like a diver and the target lady peeled the shirt off me. i was so happy to be out of that shirt, but it was kinda embarrassing. but, the target lady told me she had had to help another woman get out of the same shirt earlier this week.


anyway, after all that, k-dogg and i went to see wolverine. i really liked it. k-dogg said it was boring and stupid because it didn't make sense. i guess he's an x-men purist. i don't know the comic books, so i thought the story was good. this afternoon my mom and i went to see ghosts of girlfriends past. it was pretty much what i was expecting so i guess i got my money's worth. gotta go watch the bulls and the celtics!

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