Sunday, May 31, 2009


2 new babies this weekend. that makes 5 babies for may! dcam and auttie have one of the prettiest babies i have ever seen. we went to see them at the hospital today after church. adelyn has long blonde hair and the nurses fixed her hair into a mohawk. it was cute. she kept stretching her feet and spreading her toes out. i told auttie that means she's getting ready for her first pedicure already! our friends from church had their 4th daughter friday morning. i haven't seen marlie in person yet. she's got to be cute, though. i saw some pictures and her hair looks a lot darker than her 3 big sisters, but that will probably change. her mom and both of her aunts have dark hair though, so who knows. i'm still enjoying my 4 day weekend. friday my mom and i went to canton and then i took a nap. yesterday we went shopping and then i took a nap. today, after church and the hospital, i dropped k-dogg off at the movies and went shopping. when we got home i took a nap. gotta get rested for the last 4 days of school!

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