Wednesday, May 27, 2009

this time of year

why in the world do i have to teach until june 5??? that's crazy. i'm tired of a lot of my kids. i'm sure a lot of them are tired of their teachers, too! i have to miss frozenfeet's graduation, a day i wasn't sure would ever actually happen! next friday, we have to work until 6. woo hoo. then graduation starts at 8. my first class is graduating! i'm going to the 8th grade graduation, too. someone else will have to watch my classes for me. i taught those kids for two years in a row. i'd go to high school with them if i could. my 7th graders...not so much. one year is more than enough of this class. i am so ready to start my new job. or at least see my room and start getting it ready. i gotta go watch the denver/la game. i hope denver wins!

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queen of everything said...

I am for real. I actually do love camo