Monday, July 6, 2009


so, i've made it four days now. this morning i finished my ribbon topiary. i got the idea from today's creative blog when she was featuring whitney caroline designs. both of them are on blogspot, too. the one she did was red, white, and blue for the 4th of july, but i made one to match my living room so that i can leave it out longer. or at least it will match my living room when we get a new couch. i got all of the supplies at wal-mart. anyway, here are the pics.

it wasn't hard, it just took longer than i thought it would. i worked on most of it while i was watching my abc soaps and army wives. it was nice to take a break from the fleece blankets, though. my parents and i worked on my yard today. i got to ride the riding lawnmower while my dad used the push mower and my mom cut hedges and pulled weeds. i think i had the best job. it was the coolest it's been all summer, but it was still pretty warm. i have a headache now from the sun and the grass. tomorrow is a big trip to lowes. we need a rose trellis and a trash can, and some other things, but mostly it's just another diversion to keep myself busy. good thing my movies from netflix are supposed to arrive tomorrow!

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Rosemond said...

I love it...what blog did you get the idea from...I clearly need to be reading it!