Sunday, July 19, 2009

round here

have a few minutes to blog before army wives comes on. haven't been on the computer as much this past week since k-dogg got home from tokyo. he took a lot of good pictures and brought me some unique gifts. i got a copy of to kill a mockingbird in japanese! i can't read japanese, but i love that book. my parents have a huge to kill a mockingbird poster over their stove and we are supposed to go see the play this fall. i also got a crunching dog usb toy. it's a little dog you plug into the computer and it does crunches. totally useless, but really funny. i got pink headphones for my ipod, a book of reptiles and amphibians from the zoo in tokyo, and a knowledge charm from a shrine. oh yeah, and a little wooden frog from a hippie festival! tomorrow i'm supposed to finish my computer/craft room. my mom is coming over to help and my dad is going to install some new light fixtures. saturday morning i have to be at the church at 6:30 am to go to six flags and then on to our mission trip. i don't remember the last time i was at six flags from open to close. i'm ready to ride some rides and see kutless and tobymac in concert. i wish k-dogg was going, but he doesn't really like roller coasters, so it's ok. then i'm going to mission arlington as a sponsor for the youth's mission trip. i'll miss my friends and the kids at our sister church in mexico, but i won't miss the drive there and back or the smelly water! we're not going there this year because of the travel bans in the area for gang violence and n1h1 flu. but i still get to work with kids and probably use some spanish. before i go, i guess i need to go work in my new classroom. once i get back from arlington, i'll only have 7 days to get my room ready for school! so, my summer is almost over and i still have a lot to do. we were going to get a new couch soon, but k-dogg's car has been sick a lot. last week it had to get a new speedometer. i was driving his car to church and looked down and it said i was going 140+! then when i said i was going 100. the bill was kinda funny. it listed the concern as a speedo hung on 100...that made the amount we had to pay just a little less harsh!

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Mzzterry said...

*speedo hung on 100* saw it with my own eyes, pretty funny!!!

better brush up on the spanish, chickie! God has something special planned for you.

we better get busy on your room, but 1st comes your computer room!!